December 20, 2016

All vinyl rock show with some fave artists of mine, evident straight from the start with The Only Ones, and at the very end with La Peste (both absolute favorites of mine). Scottish band The Flowers only released two 7″, but we hear a non-7″ track from a Fast Product comp. The Do It Now! Track is a must hear, and the Further track is one of their best.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
The Only Ones Out There In The Night Even Serpents Shine Sony
Eddie and The Hot Rods Quit This Town Life on the Line Captain OI
Elizabeth Cook Mean Street Gizmo Nation Gulcher
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks Biloxi Outro Streets of Rage Hozac Records
Severed Limb If You Ain’t Livin’ If You Ain’t Livin’ You’re a Dead Man Damaged Goods
Severed Limb Tidy Is A Vulture If You Ain’t Livin’ You’re a Dead Man Damaged Goods
Severed Limb Aye Que Calor If You Ain’t Livin’ You’re a Dead Man Damaged Goods
Severed Limb Cat Sick Boogie If You Ain’t Livin’ You’re a Dead Man Damaged Goods
The Detroit Cobras He Did it Life, Love and Leaving Third Man
The Heartbreakers Bopping The Blues L.A.M.F. Live At The Village Gate 1977 Cleopatra
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF The Good Mind SQ 1 Damaged Goods
The Flowers Criminal Waste Earcom 1 Fast Product
The Enigma Play With Fire Greater Manchester Punk 1977 – 81 Vinyl Revival
Chandra Subways Subnormal Girls Waiting Room Records
Leather Towel Growing Pains IV Hozac Records
Leather Towel Nacho Chips IV Hozac Records
Helen Love Belle of St. Mark Smash Hits Alcopop!
Further Quiet Riot Grrrl Where Were You Then? Bad Paintings
Giorgio Murderer Night Law Holographic Vietnam War Alien Snatch

Artist Song Release Label
Paint Fumes Black Lodge If It Ain’t Paint Fumes It Ain’t Worth a Huff Get Hip
Preoccupations Zodiac Preoccupations Jagjaguwar
The Bonecollectors Jimmy Lector The Voice of Zombierella Trash Wax
Bangles Outside Chance Ladies and Gentlemen… the Bangles! Omnivore
Dow Jones & The Industrials Rocking Farmers Can’t Stand the Midwest 1979-1981 Family Vineyard
Novak Real Cool Guy Dumb Records: 1977-1979 Athena
The Robert Bensick Band After The Ball French Pictures In London Smog Veil
The Robert Bensick Band Muse French Pictures In London Smog Veil
Savoy Motel Western Version Boogie Savoy Motel What’s Your Rupture
Locust I Am The Murderer morning light Medical
The Maggie’s Marshmellows Kids of Kokpit Maggie’s Marshmallows Get Hip
The Jeanies I Think You’re the Wrong One The Jeanies Regressivos Discos
Blue Ash Abracadabra No More, No Less Uranus
Do It Now! Rainbow Valley Pay Later Talkcrest
La Peste She’s A Girl Better Off Dead Rave Up Records

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