January 10, 2017

A rock show disguised as an electronic show. Well, there ARE some easily ID’d ‘electronic’ tracks, but there are also some rock tracks done by unlikely folks, such as Sweden’s Albion and Munich’s Leroy. Ian Dury’s son Baxter Dury has a nice track – in fact, many nice tracks in this show.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Loose Joints Tell You (Today) Genius Of Time – Larry Levan Universal
Ekkah & Dam-Funk What’s Up What’s Up glydezone
Monika Secret in the Dark Secret in the Dark Other Music Recordings Co.
Black Booby Sold Soul Special Edition Volume 1 Black Booby
Man Vs. Indian Man Ice Accountant (Egyptian Lover Remix) Ice Accountant Rocksteady Disco
I-Level Give Me A Dub Unreleased V2: Larry Levan Classics Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd.
Simulanten Suffering Stinks Salamanca Issue #5 Salamanca
Albion City People BAH 031 Bahnsteig 23

Artist Song Release Label
Albion City People BAH 031 Bahnsteig 23
Hotmood Shake Tugboat Edits presents Hotmood Vol 2 Tugboat Editions
Gay Marvine Banji Girl Realness Dance Floor Favorites Vol 1 Bath House Etiquette
Selvagem Chitty Disco Edits Disco Deviance
Suzanne Kraft Bank What You Get for Being Young Melody As Truth
Jobriath I’mAMan Jobriath Elektra
Baxter Dury Whispered It’s a Pleasure PIAS
LeRoy Half the Way Bambadea Schamoni

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