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Artist Song Disk Label
Loose Joints Tell You (Today) Genius Of Time – Larry Levan Universal
Ekkah & Dam-Funk What’s Up What’s Up glydezone
Monika Secret in the Dark Secret in the Dark Other Music Recordings Co.
Black Booby Sold Soul Special Edition Volume 1 Black Booby
Man Vs. Indian Man Ice Accountant (Egyptian Lover Remix) Ice Accountant Rocksteady Disco
I-Level Give Me A Dub Unreleased V2: Larry Levan Classics Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd.
Simulanten Suffering Stinks Salamanca Issue #5 Salamanca
Albion City People BAH 031 Bahnsteig 23
Hotmood Shake Tugboat Edits presents Hotmood Vol 2 Tugboat Editions
Gay Marvine Banji Girl Realness Dance Floor Favorites Vol 1 Bath House Etiquette
Selvagem Chitty Disco Edits Disco Deviance
Suzanne Kraft Bank What You Get for Being Young Melody As Truth
Jobriath I’mAMan Jobriath Elektra
Baxter Dury Whispered It’s a Pleasure PIAS
LeRoy Half the Way Bambadea Schamoni

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