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Artist Song Disk Label
Acid Arab Stil (feat. Cem Yildiz) Musique de France Crammed Discs
Rouge Mécanique All Will Be Changed All Will Be Changed Discos Capablanca
Black Merlin Tanksport Jealous God Issue N Fourteen Jealous God
Alexis Le-Fan Sondrio BAH 033 Bahnsteig 23
Roberto Musci Woman of Water and Music Tower Of Silence Music From Memory
The Kloom 40 Gram Beton (original mix) 40 Gram Beton Malka Tuti
Music People Always On (original mix) Always On Mood Hut
Naduve Ready Set Go (Saturn Memories Tahini Mix) The Race For A Handshake Disco Halal
Becker / Stegman / Zeumer Der Schnupfen Ich Traume So Leise Von Dir Music From Memory
Om Unit Basement Superman Friend of Day Idle Hands
Kinetic Electronix DewdropInn Music For Beings Mood Hut
Suns of Arqa Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood Mix) Acid Tabla Emotional Rescue
Die Orangen Oodnadatta Rain (original mix) Oodnadatta Rain Malka Tuti
Paternoster Mammoth Opus O (Disco Rigido Remix) Remixes & Versions Heart Working Class
Moscoman Mexican Cola Bottle Baby A Shot in the Light ESP Institute
Ali Kuru Luna Luna Leng Records

1 thought on “Playlist 270

  1. Frank S

    Mexican cola rocks for max. sugar effect . Reminds me of ” Jolt ” brand soda . Best at room temperature .
    P.S. – Coke 16oz. cans are thermographic(heat sensitive ink) . The graphic changes color depending on temperature .


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