May 9, 2017

Mostly an electronic/re-edit show, but keeps a foot and a half in the rock world too. The classic Bristol sound in Amp’s cover of ‘Scarborough Fair’ gets pounded by Julian Cope’s Dope project, but as we leave Dope we sail smoothly on edits that tickle different sounds into a gelled whole.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Avante Garde Mudd’s Dub Everybody’s Lover Spacetalk
David Bowie When I Met You Lazarus Columbia
Biosphere featuring Joan Lorring Black Mesa Black Mesa Biophon
Amp Scarborough Fair Bristol/Los Angeles Wurlitzer Jukebox
Die Partei Böse Träume La Freiheit des Geistes Light Sounds Dark
Akis At Sirius Space, Time and Beyond (Selected Works 1986-2016) Into The Light
Group 1850 U.S.S.R. Gossip Polyandri Pseudonym
Suicide Mr. Ray Alan Vega Martin Rev Superior Viaduct
Colin Potter I Am Your Shadow Close To The Noise Floor (Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984) Cherry Red
Dope Zen Enforcer Maxi-12″ Environmental Studies
Mark Seven Never Leave The Fatal Flaw In Disco World Building

Artist Song Release Label
Mark Seven Never Leave (continued) The Fatal Flaw In Disco World Building
Jimi Bazzouka Poo Poo Edits Vol 4 Crowdspacer
Auntie Flo Dance Ritual II (Lipelis Dream Dance Mix) Theory Of Flo Remixes Part 3 Highlife
Mori-Ra Wilderness Trapped In The Sky Tracy Island
Phil Gerus Mistress Uniform Tugboats Edits Volume 8 Tugboat Edits
Roberto New Sensation New Sensation Superior Elevation
Praus What We Tellin’ Them What We Tellin’ Them Leng Records
Anton Klint & Edvin E Conga Liver Tryck003 Tryck & Ton
Key Tronic’s Ensemble Calypso Of House Italian Dream House 89-93 Safe Trip

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