The first hour and change include post-punk (Kirlian Camera / O.E.M., Raeo, Voight/465), international (Vanishing Twin), 60s (Fuchsia), theatre (‘Hair’, ‘When I Met You’ from Lazarus – Original New York Cast), India (Todh Teri) and hip hop (Dee Dee King) and spoken (Lydia Lunch). The second hour ends with tracks from two Cherry Red 3xCD comps: ‘Silhouettes & Statues’ and ‘Manchester North Of England.’

September 12, 2017

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Artist Song Release Label
Kirlian Camera / O.E.M. Frankie Teardrop We’re All Frankies Fifth Column Records
Raeo Spinal Curves Body Loops G3G Records
Vanishing Twin Truth Is Boring Choose Your Own Adventure Soundway Records
John Sangster Hair Back On The Street Again Festival
Blair French Sandbar Caviar Sandbar Caviar Claremont 56 Records
Fuchsia Me and My Kite Fuchsia Cherry Red
Michael C. Hall and Krystina Alabado When I Met You Lazarus – Original New York Cast Columbia
Lydia Lunch You, Me and Jim Beam LateNightTales BadBadNotGood Latenighttales
Todh Teri Sampadan 3 Deep In India Vol 1 Todh Teri
Dee Dee King Emergency Standing in the Spotlight Rhino/Warner Bros.
Radio Stars Box 29 Thinking Inside The Box Anagram
The Brats First Rock Star On The Moon Max’s Kansas City 1976 & Beyond Jungle

Artist Song Release Label
The Brats First Rock Star On The Moon (continued) Max’s Kansas City 1976 & Beyond Jungle
Vega • Chilton • Vaughn Lover Of Love Cubist Blues – Live In France Light in the Attic
Lift to Experience Waiting to Hit The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads Mute
Voight/465 Winchsoul Slights Still Unspoken (1978​-​1979) Mental
Can Spoon The Singles Spoon Records
Bauhaus Stagmata Martyr Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Take It All Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
Hula Ghost Rattle Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
Threat High Cost of Living Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
World Of Twist Sons of the Stage Manchester North Of England Cherry Red
What? Noise Vein Manchester North Of England Cherry Red
Hypnotone Dream Beam [7″ edit by Ben Chapman] Manchester North Of England Cherry Red

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