All vinyl electronic show, from Marek Biliński in 83, to Missing Persons (no, not that one) from ’80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1,’ to many other 12″ and compilation tracks programmed to delight.

December 12, 2017

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Song Artist Release Label
One In Other Chloe One In Other Kill The DJ Records
Hammond Blue D.K./S.K. D.K./S.K. Melody As Truth
Krol Switu Marek Bilinski Marek Biliński – Ogród Króla Świtu Wifon
Rotten to the Core Missing Persons 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 Contort Yourself
Student Night Sandy B Amajovi Jovi Invisible City Editions
Feel Like Makin Love The Dynamics Disco Reggae, Vol. 3 Stix Records
Spark The Universe (Chuggy’s Discomix) Ramm Spark The Universe Emotional Rescue
Take Me to the Beach C Cat Trance Screaming Ghosts Emotional Rescue / Malka Tuti
Man’s Lifespan Unknown Moton Records Inc Limited Edition Box Set Moton Records Inc

Song Artist Release Label
Agape (Love Wins) Peter Croce Agape Rocksteady Disco
Ratio (Pt. II Organ) Floating Points Ratio (Deconstructed Mixes) Pluto
Lost Your Soul Cyrnai The Acceptable Presence Light Sounds Dark
Be Easy Vincent Fast Forward Music From Memory
Break at Home 4 2 Katara Break at Home (Original Studio Recordings 1981-1991 Into The Light
It’s Telling On Me Geoffrey Landers 1 By 1 Music From Memory
Move On Up Devon Russell Jeremy Spellacey – Crown Ruler Sound Spacetalk
Dance of the Spirits (Peter Croce Re-Edit) Jean-Luc Ponty MotorCity Wine Recordings #1 MotorCity Wine Recordings
Dreaming The Stoned Dreaming Of Disco Acid Lo-Fi EdiTS

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