All 12″ (except cover star Lolina, which is a 10″) singles spun in real time. Java Indonesia duo Senyawa start the show off, and set the pace for strange sounds, just as NYC artist Coati Mundi brings the street (always a strange place!) into his sound.

May 8, 2018

Listen to this show

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Song Artist Release Label
Calling The New Gods – part 1 Senyawa Calling The New Gods Okraina
Pull Up The Bootz (TZ Hevdit) Talking Heads TVLKINGHEVDITS Tugboat Edits
What’s Up? Coati Mundi Hotmood Volume 6 Hotmood Records
Marry Me Dj Call Me Marry Me Highlife (2)
Plot Khidja Plot Malka Tuti
Maga Giuseppe Leonardi Jack Of All Trades International Major Label
Keep It Movin’ Lolina Lolita EP No Label
Non-Binary Joys On The Venus Holodeck Mytron & Ofofo Si Jambo Multi Culti

Song Artist Release Label
Saturn 02 Stiletti-Ana Saturn 02 MM Discos
Pulse Hysteric BAH041 Bahnsteig 23
Dominus (edit) Jean-Michel Gascuel DDR002 Deviant Disco Records
Speak Your Word Volcov presents Isoul8 On My Heart Neroli
Serpent Strut (Larry Heard’s Fingers Deep Club Mix) Jack Cutter feat David Harks Claremont 56 Ten Year Anniversary Sampler Claremont 56
2×5: Movement 3 Fast (Vakula remix) Steve Reich 2×5: Movement 3 Fast (Vakula remix) / Track 2 (Vakula remix) Not On Label
Natural 77 Fernando Pulichino Search Of Indigo Leng
Human Call (Ali Kuru Remix) Earthboogie Silken Moon feat. Nina Miranda Leng

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