All 12″ electronic singles spun in real time. A 10″ and a 7″ track or two, but the feel is consistent and deep on this show.

June 12, 2018

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Song Artist Release Label
Feel the Pain Michal Turtle Return To Jeka Music From Memory
Nose Dive Tommy Mandel Mello Magic Invisible City Editions
All My Dreams Róisín Murphy All My Dreams The Vinyl Factory
Topical Meat Wave Cherrystones BAH042 Bahnsteig 23
Scandinavian Wastes Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins ll Sorts Of Heroes Finders Keepers
Alu Marthe Zambo Tom Noble & Renata – Edits Hello Sailor
How Bout Us (Exclusive Unreleased Instrumental) Katalyst How Bout Us Mukatsuku Records
Serpent Strut (Larry Heard’s Fingers Deep Club Mix) Jack Cutter Serpent Strut Claremont 56

Song Artist Release Label
Djoukourou (Auntie Flo Remix) Oumou Sangare Djoukourou (Auntie Flo Remix) Highlife
Revival (Pontchartrain’s Deep Unto Deep Mix) Peter Croce Remixes, Rarities, & VIPs Vol. 1 Rocksteady Disco
Eclectic Day Horton Jupiter BAH044 Bahnsteig 23
Hold Tight Waxist Selecta Love Penalty EP People Must Jam
Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold Melodies International
Dubby Bolas (Earthboogie Remix) Mushroom Project RSD 2018 EP Leng
Black Hole Jonny 5 BAH023 Bahnsteig 23
Janet 50 (I:Cube Remix) Smith & Mudd Janet 50 Claremont 56

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