What the heck? Seems to be a 12″ single electronic show, but Jamaica Plain band Fur Purse make 2 appearances, and Wasted Youth, Gruppenbild, Permanent Clear Light and Messer Chups join them in making this a what the heck show. If you can cope with huge stylistic changes within, much here to value.

July 3, 2018

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Song Artist Release Label
I’ll Remember You Wasted Youth Memoralize (Singles ’79-’82) Jungle Records
Aid & Abet Fur Purse Aid & Abet Rock Mansion Records
Onbereikbaar Gruppenbild Tranquillity Tidal Waves Music
Bronski in Rio Carrot Green, Selvagem MM Discos 03 MM Discos
Atlantic Jam Eddie C Atlantic Jam / Ponderings Red Motorbike
Maurice N’est Pas La Permanent Clear Light Maurice N’est Pas La Fruits de Mer Records
Drops Vactrol Park Music From The Luminous Void Malka Tuti ‎
Etmol Hayom Xen & Yovav Etmol Hayom Malka Tuti

Song Artist Release Label
Human Call Earthboogie Human Call Leng Records
Dansakoni (Dreems Remix) Peter Power Afro Damba Multi Culti
Radio Cosmo 101 (Bals Edit) The One O’ Ones Club Meduse Spacetalk Records
Horizon Dub HOLOVR Schleißen 6 Emotional Response
Midnight Messer Chups Miss Libido Storage Records
White Fur Purse Aid & Abel Rock Mansion Records
Calling The New Gods – part 2 Senyawa Calling The New Gods Okraina
Time, Being Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft Passive Aggressive Melody As Truth
Arrpfaded Terekke Improvisational Loops Music From Memory

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