From somewhere outside (but connected to) rock to balearic to chilled meditations to electronic – all together in this vinyl only show spun in real time.

August 7, 2018

Listen to this show – Part two and three appear further down the page

Song Artist Release Label
Fear Marc Hurtado / Alan Vega Sniper Munster Records
Betrayal Lolina The Smoke Not On Label (Inga Copeland Self-released)
Jump Over Barrels Crash Course In Science Jump Over Barrels Dark Entries
No Fear Der Gøtling G-ZX LP Mond Musik
Survival Time Manicured Noise Northern Stories 1978/80 Caroline True Records
E.S.P. Inner Landscapes The Gospel According To The Women In White Inner Landscapes Records
Do The European J.J. Burnel Euroman Cometh Mau Mau Records
Tightrope Mystery Plane Still Life Color Disc
Grey Sedan Wild Style Lion feat. Kim Gordon Wild Style Lion Feat. Kim Gordon I’m Single
Time Is Tight Schaltkreis Wassermann SKW Private Records (2)

Song Artist Release Label
Is It a Cop? Andre de Saint-Obin Sound on Sound Korm Plastics
Nursing Damage Junkies Lydia Lunch / Marc Hurtado My Lover the Killer Munster
Oh Nandu, What We’ve Done! Zenamon Oh Nandu, What We’ve Done! Private Records
Tiempo De Espera Orquesta De Las Nubes The Order Of Change Music From Memory
Inatin Mudd & Pollard N7 Odyssey Claremont 56
So Geoffrey Landers 1 By 1 Music From Memory
Coral Girl LeRoy Bambadea Schamoni Musik
Post Tenebras Lux Bartosz Kruczyński Baltic Beat Growing Bin Records
Lost Bedouin Ali Kuru Egzotik Leng Records
Waiting For The Horn Black Merlin Hipnotik Tradisi Island Of The Gods

Song Artist Release Label
Because It’s There Chloé Endless Revisions Lumière Noire Records
No Man’s Ground D.K. / S.K. D.K. / S.K. Melody As Truth
Lucerne Valley Floating Points Reflections – Mojave Desert Pluto
Monk Island Cantoma Tabarin Highwood Recordings
Angel Reflections Garrett Private Life Music From Memory
Tzantza Nicola Cruz Cantos De Visión Multi Culti
Aqua, Pt. 1 Don Carlos Out of the Blue (Compiled by Phil Mison) Leng Records
Masons Arm Quarry Hollow The Path of Tranquility – Single Leng Records

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