January 3, 2020

All Boston show, by no means exhaustive or period-specific, just a quick grab of Boston artists I wanted to hear today! I draw special attention to the I Love You track. That was a side project of Paul from the 90s band Pie, which is really great, The 2×4’s (pre-Turbines John Hovorka), Sperm Bank Babies (Willy Alexander) and Black Cat Bone (Jeri Rossi).

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Bird Mancini Northridge Tuning In / Tuning Out Second Story Records
Salem 66 Widow’s Walk Frequency And Urgency Homestead Records
The 2×4’s A Regular Guy The 2×4’s Metal Snowball
Black Cat Bone Judas Tree Homework #10 Hyped2Death
360’s When I’m High When I’m High BMG Music
The Elevator Drops $7 Single People Mover The Bicycle Music Company
The Paper Squares What Is The Road? The Paper Squares The Paper Squares
Unnatural Axe Regina Is Gonna Kick Your Ass Lawless
SugarBitch Hallelujah Famous Glamorous Artists Coffee College
I Love You Silly Things Back It Up Baby Magnificent Records
Lint Something’s Gonna Change Something’s Gonna Change Plumb Records
Kustomized Film At the Vanishing Point Matador
Karate “The State I’m In” Aka “Goode Buy from Cobbs Creek Park” Pockets Southern Records
The Lune The Hook On the Cutting Room Floor Aesthetics

Artist Song Release Label
The Lune The Blues Instrumental Sill Aesthetic Records
Major Stars It’s A Blessing, Brother, I Cannot Lie Space/Time Twisted Village
Heidi Saperstein Pony Ride Very Special Heidi Saperstein
Tim Mungenast Lithium Statement The Un-Stableboy Goat River Productions
Jeffrey Simmons Your Best Best of Luck Black Apple
Unit One Pikachoo Altered State Turtle Island
Dirt Merchants Silhouette Swiss Bank V-Hold Records
LarsVegas Run Around Meatland Skycap Records
The Silver Lining Battered Senseless M.I.A. Heart Well Dressed Blues Eye-Con Records
Sperm Bank Babies Jack Sperm Bank Babies Featuring Al “Lorenzo” Drake Varage
Swirlies Sounds Of The Sebring Swirlies Magic Strop Tonight Sneaky Flute Empire
Billy’s Revue Louder Billy’s Revue Memoire Records
Billy’s Revue Time And Money Billy’s Revue Memoire Records
Mag 4 Mag 4 Go Monte Go Mag 4 Go Monte Go Pure And Easy Records

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