June 2, 2020

Both hours are all-vinyl 7″ singles and all rock. Many gems and (possible) discoveries that you can cherish again and again.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
The Strings ‎ I Wanna Dance Love Me Big Records
So What Razor Blade Deep Freeze Just Add Water
The Flashcubes Wait Till Next Week Wait Till Next Week Northside
The Ohms Teenage Alcoholic Teenage Alcoholic Northside
Les Grys-Grys So Long Milk Cow Blues State Records
21-645 Babble Laughing At The Ground Propeller
The Names Why Can’t It Be Why Can’t It Be Fiction Records
The Action Suits Glazed Donuts Glazed Donuts Spot On!
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF Pretend Marc Riley Session Radio 6 Damaged Goods
The Most Take A Chance Take A Chance Northside
Faz Waltz I’m Bleedin’ Julie Contra Records
Wild Billy Childish and The Chatham Singers I’m Ready All My Feelings Denied (Blues) Damaged Goods
Kenny Tudrick Lightning Byrd Stay Down / Lightning Byrd Wild Honey Records
360’s Free Free Link
The Reducers Hurt By Love (Live) Hurt By Love Rave On Records ‎
Coloured Balls Won’t You Just Make Up Your Mind Won’t You Just Make Up Your Mind Just Add Water
El Pifco Meltdown Meltdown Metallic Rainforest
The Jetboys I Don’t Want To I Don’t Want To Rerun Records

Artist Song Release Label
The Buzzcocks Gotta Get Better Gotta Get Better Cherry Red
The Kids Another World Another World Mercury
Thee Girl Fridays The Love Witch The Love Witch Spinout Nuggets
Inger Lorre & The Chiefs of Infinity Snowflake Snowflake Sweet Nothing Records
The Slickee Boys When I Go to the Beach When I Go to the Beach New Rose Records
The Zantees Rockin’ In The House Rockin’ In The House Little Ricky Records
Gutterball Trial Separation Blues Trial Separation Blues Singles Only Label
The Loons A Dream in Jade Green A Dream in Jade Green Munster
Screen Test Anytime Inspired Humans Making Noise Northside
Zombierella’s Tentative Reels ‎ Suicide Commando Suicide Commando Six Tonnes De Chair Records
James Dean Driving Experience ‎ Sean Connery Sean Connery Optic Nerve Recordings
Meat Whiplash Don’t Slip Up Don’t Slip Up Optic Nerve Recordings
Dogmatics She’s The One She’s The One Run Bar Records
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF Everything Intensifies You’re the One I Idolise Damaged Goods
Kendra Smith Stille Im Meine Hande Stille Im Meine Hamburg Overzealous Editions
Jacques Charlier Loulou Kiliwatch Séance Centre
The Reducers Let’s Go (Live) Hurt By Love Rave On Records

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