April 25, 2023

The 11th week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series covers the letters M and N. Cover star Montparnasse (Masanori Ikeda, who we heard in the I portion) brings 1999 J-pop to this series, while Monkey Timers bring 2016 vintage J-pop in. There are many re-edits, some of which I can indentify: Members Only edit Rinder & Lewis (El Coco, Saint Tropez, Le Pamplemousse) ‘Anger’ from 1977 Los Angeles, Mind Fair edits Way Of The West ‘Feel The Steel’ from 1984, Miss Kittin & The Hacker cover The Eurythmics, Parlour edit Sådd ‘Johnny Gitarr’ from 1979 Sweden, Nastyboy edits Al Green ‘Still In Love With You’. There is much to love – all tracks belong in your awareness, so dig in.


Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Members Only Anger And Sex Editions Disco Vol.1 Members Only
Merricks Mondo Musicland 2 Disko B
Mind Fair Steel MF Edits EditChannel
Miss Kittin & The Hacker Sweet Dreams Intimités EP International Deejay Gigolo Records –
Mitzi Morning Light (Softwar Dub) Vinyl Versions Future Classic
Mixed Company Let’s Go Disco (Original Mix) Mixed Company Rain&Shine
Monkey Timers Summer Ace Ft. Awa Alabama EP Disko Klubb
Montparnasse Gran Premio (Gran Cubismo) Dolly Catcher EP Sound for Escape
Karlos Moran Just One Of Those Things MMG001 Moran Music Group
Mori Ra On The Edge Of Flip Oriental Forest Forest Jams

Artist Song Release Label
Mori-Ra Musically Time Trapped In The Sky Tracy Island
Moscoman Girls Down South Dévoué EP Renate Schallplatten
M.O.T.M. Aracari Ft. Jane (Original Mix) Aracari Mysteries Of The Mind
Mushrooms Project Tropikal Mushrooms Tropikal Mushrooms Under The Shade
Mutant Beat Dance New News Is Old News Another World Rong Music
Naduve A Trip In Tel Aviv A Trip In Tel Aviv CockTail d’Amore Music
Mr Quark A Plein Poumon Presents Tension Orgasm
Name In Lights Touch The Sky (Eddie Mars Remix) Disco Touchdown Under The Shade
Nastyboy B1 4 Disco Invasion – Special Selection For DJ Disco Forever Records

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