May 16, 2023

The 14th week of the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series covers the letters R & S. Only one identified re-edit (The Revenge edit Hot Chocolate ‘Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac’, Brixton 1976) but a lot of interesting new music [Red Axes, Optic, Rework, Riccio, Roberto, Sonny Rock, Rondenion, Saine], a collaboration by the Italo obscurities guru Flemming Dalum on the Red Laser label, a well-known artist under one of his other names (Psi Performer = Anthony Rother), the iconic Sade remixed by DJ Spinna, obscure US soul-disco band Revelation have a track from 1982, and Walter Gibbons mixes the classic-amazing disco of Salsoul Orchestra.

Regelbau 03

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Red Axes Shem Shem Vol. II I’m A Cliche
Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum Fantasmi EP No. 1 Red Laser Records
Optic Relic Warm Regards Regelbau
Revelation Dance To The Disco Love Affairs Tambourine Party Records
The Revenge Forever In Their Debt (The Revenge’s Pitched Down Mix) Forever In Their Debt (Remixes) Home Taping Is Killing Music
The Revenge Cadillac The Revenge / 6th Burough Project Split 12″ Jiscomusic
Rework Don’t Try Montpellier Scheinselbständig
Riccio Put Some Love In Your Life Editorial #10 Editorial
Riccio Little Drummer Editorial #10 Editorial

Artist Song Release Label
Roberto New Sensation New Sensation Superior Elevation Records
Jonny Rock Kardes Way Over There The Nothing Special
Rondenion Aging New Style Tokyo Story Still Music
Psi Performer 1987 (Shapes & Forms Remix) Art Is A Division Of Pain (Remixed – Part 1) K2 O Records
Psi Performer 1948 (Alexander Kowalski’s Pain Division) Art Is A Division Of Pain (Remixed – Part 2) K2 O Records
Psi Performer 1976 (Ovuca’s Painless Art Mix) Art Is A Division Of Pain (Remixed – Part 2) K2 O Records
Sade War (A DJ Spinna Re-Freak) Adu-Redu All Right Fresh
Saine Leisure Song Small Remedies Fools & Fables Recordings
The Salsoul Orchestra Magic Bird Of Fire Magic Bird Of Fire Prelude Records
Saine Casual Small Remedies Fools & Fables Recordings

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