July 4, 2023

4th of July here in the US is a big holiday – Gulls Window Circus has a big change today, leaving 20 weeks on non-rock shows and returning to rock. In typical fashion, this show varies in timeline and geography, intermingling the known, the unknown, Europe, the US, older and newer. Cover star today is Carl wearing a T-Shirt of Boston’s Richie Parsons, who fronts Unnatural Axe, but also has a solo career with melodic pop.

Carl wearing a Black-Throated Blue T shirt

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Suicide Born In The USA (Live In Paris 1988) A Way Of Life Rarities Mute
Inner Landscapes Armageddon Blues Armageddon Blues Inner Landscapes Records
Stone Foundation Featuring Paul Weller Deeper Love Deeper Love 100% Records
Walter Noons Never Be The Same Never Be The Same Real Records
Golden Earring Eight Miles High (Brugge 1977) Live (The Outtakes) Music On Vinyl B.V.
Stinky Toys I Can’t Reach You I Can’t Reach You Pop SupĂ©rette
Those Naughty Lumps Down At The Zoo Harmony In My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81 Cherry Red
New York Dolls Stranded In The Jungle In Too Much Too Soon Mercury
Fish Turned Human Here Come The Nuns Turkeys In China Sequel Records
Christian Death Romeo’s Distress Only Theatre Of Pain Frontier Records
Empire All These Things Expensive Sound Dinosaur Discs
Talking Heads With Our Love More Songs About Buildings And Food Rhino Records

Artist Song Release Label
The RPM’s It’s Only Time Temporary Satisfaction Meanbean Records
The Boyfriends Junk Wrapped Up In A Dream Reminder Records
Uni Boys On Your Lovin’ Mind Do It All Next Week Curation Records
Richie Parsons Beverly Black Throated Blue Lawless Records
Rich Kids Lovers and Fools Ghosts Of Princes In Towers Parlophone
The Batfish Boys Cubatao ’88 Batfish Brew GWR Records
Pink Gin Marimbas The Source Of The River Pink Gin Marimbas / Creedmoors Split single Igor Records
Coloured Balls Flash Ball Power Just Add Water
Benett Don’t Mention Disco So You’re Not Coming Over? WIN Records
Anorak Girl Teenage Dream Plastic Fantastic Hey Suburbia
Jenny Mae Big Scary Face What’s Wrong With Me? (Singles & Unreleased Tracks 1989-2017) Anyway Records
Gina Birch Wish I Was You I Play My Bass Loud Third Man Records
Jeannie C. Riley Widow Jones Harper Valley P.T.A. Sun Record Company
? & The Mysterians Hangin’ On A String Cavestomp Presents: Are You For Real? RockBeat Records
The Harry Von Zells Dear John Play It Backwards Igor Records
Getting The Fear Getting The Fear Death Is Bigger 1984-85 Dais Records

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