September 12, 2023

Non-rock LP tracks with 11 pairings over the course of the two hour-long halves. The show starts with the 1969 s/t Moondog LP, paired with Madlib from his Medicine Show series, immediately communicating that this show is riding a different track. I love every track here, from the Polish artists [ETNOBOTANIKA and Pejzaż] to the soundtracks [Ennio Morricone, Galt MacDermot, Stelvio Cipriani, Mario Bertolazzi] to Africa [Friimen Muzik Company, The Good Samaritans], Saint Lucia [Boo And The Tru Tones] and other places, times and genres.

David Sylvian, Stehan Mathieu

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Moondog Mini-Sym #1 – Allegro Moondog Caribou Records
Madlib Minze (Come Closer) Madlib – Low Budget High Fi Music Madlib Invazion
Ennio Morricone L’Avvocato E La Ragazza Senza Sapere Niente Di Lei (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Cam Sugar
ETNOBOTANIKA Świetliki Le​ś​ne Duchy The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Martin Denny Waipio Exotica Jackpot Records
Sylvian, Czukay Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts) Plight & Premonition / Flux & Mutability Grönland Records
Galt MacDermot Tango Woman Is Sweeter (Original Soundtrack) Now-Again Records
Androo (Shhhht) Introduction Club Salon Theatre Music From Memory
Stephan Mathieu, David Sylvian Saffron Laudanum Wandermüde Grönland Records
Pejzaż Miejsce Wyspa The Very Polish Cut-Outs

Artist Song Release Label
Jeff Majors Let It Be For Us All (Yoka Boka) Invisible City Editions
Brian Eno Who Are We Forever Voiceless Opal Records
SQÜRL Garden Of Glass Flowers Silver Haze Sacred Bones Records
Del Jones’ Positive Vibes Court Is Closed Court Is Closed Now-Again Records
The NJE With Adrian Sherwood Mystified Afloat In Dub Sartorial Records
Stelvio Cipriani Fifty Women For Blindman Blindman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ABKCO
The Good Samaritans Onughara No Food Without Taste If By Hunger Analog Africa
Wendell Harrison & Phil Ranelin What We Need A Message From The Tribe Now-Again Records
Friimen Muzik Company Funky Workshop Free Man Tidal Waves Music
Mario Bertolazzi Sequence 06 Terza Ipotesi Su Un Caso Di Perfetta Strategia Criminale Not Dark Yet
Boo And The Tru Tones Show The World Show The World Not Dark Yet
Andre & Josi Everybody’s Trying (To Put Me Down) Amandla Tidal Waves Music

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