September 19, 2023

Non-rock 12″ singles by some of my favorite labels [Leng, Isles Of Jura, Duca Bianco, Moton Records Inc., Emotional Rescue, Le Heartbeat Records, How Do You Are?] Their recent offerings take flight with love here on Gulls Window Circus.

Emperor Machine

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Takovoi Perfect Match Perfect Match Leng
40 Thieves, Gary Davis & Cinnamon Jones The Gift (40 Thieves Disco Dub) The Gift Leng
Escape From New York Save Our Love Save Our Love Isle Of Jura
Shiva Never Gonna Give You Up (Instrumental) What Does It Take Isle Of Jura
Dreems Bususua DB12 010 Duca Bianco
Andr​é​s Flipwood Mac Andr​é​s Edits Hot Pot Records
JKriv Repent JKriv Edits Moton Records Inc.
Adu Burkina Faso (Jura Soundsystem Discodub) Burkina Faso (Wagadugu Blues) Emotional Rescue

Artist Song Release Label
Novidade Voaria (Clubhouse Mix) Voaria Isle Of Jura
The Emperor Machine & Severine Mouletin Dance Par Amour (Extended Vocal) Dance Par Amour Leng
Dimitri From Paris Vs. Chatobaron Chez Madame La Baronne (Idjut Boys Fazz Junk Version) Chez Madame La Baronne Le Heartbeat Records
Ten City Be Free (Dimitri From Paris Remix – Extended Version) Be Free (Dimitri From Paris Special Versions) DFP Vaults
Der Sexa Gabi Plane DB12 009 Duca Bianco
Dave Mathmos Late At Night TSTD Edits 15 How Do You Are?
Barry Biggs Illusion Illusion Emotional Rescue
King Sporty & Fashion Funktion Sun Country Sun Country Emotional Rescue

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