November 21, 2023

A non-rock LP tracks show that starts controversially (is it non-rock?) with a track from Roxy Music’s ‘Siren’, and later in the show has a track from Dave Lombardo (drummer of Slayer – can THAT be non-rock!?) – I say yes, and this show is a great place to sit yourself during a Thanksgiving dinner: a decidedly US-centric event, even as it features artists from all over the world [Romain Azzaro, Nikolaienko, Eva Hurychová & Jan Neckář, Zuchy, Pejzaż, Sylvester Levay] and artists the seem from another world altogether [Yves Tumor].

Yves Tumor

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Roxy Music Could It Happen To Me? Siren Virgin
Yves Tumor God Is A Circle Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) Warp Records
Lewis Taylor Song Lewis Taylor Be With Records
Romain Azzaro Above Space 35 (feat. Jason Bakker) La Vita Non E Un Film Rotary Phono Lab
The Emperor Machine & Bom Carrot 봄캐롯 – 춤춰 Chumchwo 춤춰 Chumchwo – Let’s Dance (Extended Vocal) Let’s Dance Leng
Nikolaienko Misantropicalia Nostalgia Por Mesozoica Muscut
David Byrne Eggs In A Briar Patch The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel” Rhino Records
Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of Excited Strings Bowing Propellers In Love Superior Viaduct
Eva Hurychová & Jan Neckář To Chce Mít Svůj Systém (Original Version) To Chce Mít Svůj Systém EP LBD Sounds
Axnér Got The Look (Al Kent’s Feel Good Remix) Got The Look Disco Freaks Recordings

Artist Song Release Label
Freddie Cannon Sugar (Part 2) Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 6 (12 Dancefloor Groovy Disco Gems From The ’70s) Naughty Rhythm Records
Mid City Crew Get Right Space Funk 2 (Afro Futurist Electro Funk In Space 1976-84) Soul Jazz Records
King Sporty & The Laptop Computer Age (Universal Cave Discomix) Computer Age Emotional Rescue
Violet Nox Loki Vortex & Voices Somewherecold Records
Crossed Wires A6 Untitled Crossed Wires III Light Sounds Dark
Good Block Sleep Bullet DB12 016 Duca Bianco
Zuchy Na Jednej Fali (Tribute to Brygada Kryzys) The Very Polish Cut-Outs Sampler Vol. 9 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Pejzaż Sekret Wyspa The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Dave Lombardo Interfearium Rites Of Percussion Ipecac Recordings
The N.M. Band She Wants (More) She Wants Isle Of Jura
Sylvester Levay Sit Three O’Clock High (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Varèse Sarabande
Sylvester Levay The Fight Three O’Clock High (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Varèse Sarabande

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