January 16, 2024

Fifth week of 8 in the Gulls Window Circus hard rock series covers the letters L-N. Several bands follow the artist from very popular previous bands [Screaming Trees > Mark Lanegan Band , Psychedelic Furs > Love Spit Love, Dead Boys > Lords Of The New Church, Nymphs > Inger Lorre, Codeine, Come, Volcano Sounds > The Martha‚Äôs Vineyard Ferries, Hanoi Rocks > Michael Monroe, Husker Du > Bob Mould], a few of the artists went on to bigger fame in subsequent bands [The Living > Guns ‘n Roses, The Mike Gunn > Charalambides, Mother Love Bone > Green River > Pearl Jam]. All songs have mentionable aspects, but I want to draw your attention to the Menace Dement track, the fact that Map Of Africa is re-edit wizard DJ Harvey, and Manikins, who were formed as Cheap Nasties in Australia.


Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
John Du Cann Don’t Talk The World’s Not Big Enough Just Add Water
E. Coli Permafrost To Drool Triple X Records
Fanny Kaplan The Reason To Cover Self Up Fanny Kaplan Inflammable Material
Fields Of The Nephilim Chord Of Souls The Nephilim Beggars Banquet
Flesh D-Vice Color Me Gone Some Bloodstained Morning Jayrem Records
Ace Frehley She Origins Vol.2 eOne
Girlschool Race With The Devil Demolition Renaissance Records
Giuda Overdrive E. V. A. Burger Records
The Godfathers Tell Me Why Birth, School, Work, Death Epic
Gorillas Foxy Lady Message To The World Damaged Goods
The Gordons Laughing Now The Gordons 1972
Grand Funk Railroad In Need Grand Funk Capitol Records

Artist Song Release Label
Green River Together We’ll Never Dry As A Bone Sub Pop
Gruntruck Follow Push Real Gone Music
Hanoi Rocks Lost In The City The Best Of Hanoi Rocks Lick Records
The Haskels Walk To The Beach The Haskels Splunge Communications Inc.
The Harry Von Zells Stardom Because Play It Backwards Igor Records
Hitmen Death Grip Hitmen WEA
Hollywood Brats Chez Maximes Hollywood Brats Get Back
The Hollywood Stars So Blue Sound City Liberation Hall
Ill Repute Beware Transition Mystic Records
Iron Prostate Hell Toupee Loud, Fast, And Aging Rapidly Skreamin’ Skull Records
Ivy Green I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It Ivy Green Pseudonym
Tommy Jay I’ve Been Waiting For You Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales Of Trauma Assophon Records
Joneses Good From Far Jonesin’ Discography Vol. 2 Projectile Platters
Killing Joke Wardance Killing Joke Spinefarm Records
King’s X Fade Tape Head Svart Records

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