January 30, 2024

The sixth week of the 8 week Gulls Window Circus hard rock series covers the letters N-S alphabetically, with stops such as pre-The New York Dolls band Actress, post Milk ‘n’ Cookies Ian North, Dwarve’s side-project Penetration Moon, pre-Chesterfield Kings Greg Prevost, pre-The Sound band Second Layer, pre-Detective band Silverhead, pre-Adverts band Sleaze, two versions of The Stooges track 1969 [by The Sisters Of Mercy and Joey Ramone], speaking of, a track from the often neglected ‘Instinct’-era Iggy Pop, the often-hated Sigue Sigue Sputnik shines, a Kiss cover by Redd Kross, latest PiL, and must-hear tracks by Out Of Band Experience, Novak, Planchettes, Ratcat, The Reactors, Shadow 15, Sic F*cks, Sixteen Deluxe, and Skeletal Family.

Out Of Band Experience.

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Artist Song Release Label
The New York Dolls It’s Too Late Actress: Birth Of The New York Dolls Get Back
Ian North Tran-Sister Neo Metronome
Novak Real Cool Guy Dumb Records: 1977-1979 Athena Records
No Direction All Night Long No Direction Rerun Records
Out Of Band Experience Genius Call Now! 1-800-OUT-BAND Immortal Records
Penetration Moon It’s A Wonderful Life Of Crime Penetration Moon Burger Records
Planchettes (You’re Just Like) Everybody Else The Truth Rise Above Records
Iggy Pop Tom Tom Instinct A&M Records
Pop Will Eat Itself Grebo Guru Box Frenzy Rough Trade
Greg Prevost Hey Mister Vintage Violence: Barbaric, Crude & Primitive 1975-1979 Mean Disposition
PiL The Do That End Of World PiL Official
Punishment Of Luxury All White Jack Laughing Academy United Artists Records
Joey Ramone I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up) Don’t Worry About Me INgrooves
Ratcat Everything Is Happening Again This Nightmare Waterfront Records
The Reactors Seduction Center Half-Life! Rave Up Records

Artist Song Release Label
Redd Kross Deuce Teen Babes From Monsanto Gasatanka Records
Rema-Rema Rema-Rema (Renegade Soundmachine Mix) What You Could Not Visualise Le Coq Musique
Mike Rep And The Quotas Rockstar Hellbender HoZac Records
The Runaways Black Leather And Now… The Runaways! Mercury
Shadow 15 Just Like Before Days of Innocence 1983-85 Beat Generation
Second Layer I Need Noise Courts Or Wars 1972
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Massive Retaliation Flaunt It Manhattan Records
Sic F*cks Rock Or Die Sic F*cks Sozyamuda Records
Silverhead Bright Light 16 And Savaged MCA Records
The Sisters Of Mercy 1969 Alice Merciful Release
Joey Ramone 1969 Don’t Worry About Me INgrooves
Sixteen Deluxe Idea Backfeed Magnetbabe Trance Syndicate Records
Skeletal Family Promised Land The Singles Plus 1983 – 85 Graveface Records
Sleaze Dum De Dum Sleaze Sing Sing Records

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