February 27, 2024

This week Gulls Window Circus presents a one-off vinyl non-rock show. There are a few 2000+ blasts for you [Yoko Mono, Peace Orchestra, Rick Wade, Titan], a few 2010+ ones [Panoram , Shpongle, Yves Tumor, Japan Blues, Tosca], a mid-80s track [RAH Band], along with some new stuff and welcome reissues by fave current labels. Everything fits together and complements each other.

RAH Band

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Yoko Mono Higher Than Phunk (Crisp-Click RMX) Higher Than Phunk Force Tracks
Peace Orchestra Shining Peace Orchestra G-Stone Recordings
Rick Wade Can’t You See The Bumbaye EP Funky Chocolate
RAH Band Shadow Of Your Love Producers Choice Atjazz Record Company
Sonia Whittingham Sweet Dub Sweet Sensation Isle Of Jura
Al Kent Dubanova Welcome To The Dub G.A.M.M.
Neumayer Station Crossings Claremont Editions Three Claremont 56
ETNOBOTANIKA Planeta Las Le​ś​ne Duchy Superkasety Records
Panoram Awake Walk Everyone Is A Door Firecracker Recordings
Yves Tumor Seed Serpent Music PAN

Artist Song Release Label
Japan Blues Everything Passes Sells His Record Collection Japan Blues
Philipp Otterbach Solid Maybe The Dahlem Diaries Music From Memory
Shpongle Juggling Molecules Museum Of Consciousness Twisted Records
Titan C’mon Feel The Karaoke C’mon Feel The Noise Emperor Norton
Paternoster Mammoth Opus O (Disco Rigido Remix) Remixes And Versions HHV.DE
Tosca Supersunday Going Going Going !K7 Records
Soul Supreme Rich in Soul Soul Supreme Soul Supreme Records
Steamy Windows & Woolfy One Of Those Nights (L.u.c.a Quirky Version) One Of Those Nights Ambassador’s Reception
Harri Pierson Young Australians DB12 013 Duca Bianco
Pejzaż Wizje List II The Very Polish Cut-Outs

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