December 12, 2017

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Song Artist Release Label
One In Other Chloe One In Other Kill The DJ Records
Hammond Blue D.K./S.K. D.K./S.K. Melody As Truth
Krol Switu Marek Bilinski Marek Biliński – Ogród Króla Świtu Wifon
Rotten to the Core Missing Persons 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 Contort Yourself
Student Night Sandy B Amajovi Jovi Invisible City Editions
Feel Like Makin Love The Dynamics Disco Reggae, Vol. 3 Stix Records
Spark The Universe (Chuggy’s Discomix) Ramm Spark The Universe Emotional Rescue
Take Me to the Beach C Cat Trance Screaming Ghosts Emotional Rescue / Malka Tuti
Man’s Lifespan Unknown Moton Records Inc Limited Edition Box Set Moton Records Inc
Agape (Love Wins) Peter Croce Agape Rocksteady Disco
Ratio (Pt. II Organ) Floating Points Ratio (Deconstructed Mixes) Pluto
Lost Your Soul Cyrnai The Acceptable Presence Light Sounds Dark
Be Easy Vincent Fast Forward Music From Memory
Break at Home 4 2 Katara Break at Home (Original Studio Recordings 1981-1991 Into The Light
It’s Telling On Me Geoffrey Landers 1 By 1 Music From Memory
Move On Up Devon Russell Jeremy Spellacey – Crown Ruler Sound Spacetalk
Dance of the Spirits (Peter Croce Re-Edit) Jean-Luc Ponty MotorCity Wine Recordings #1 MotorCity Wine Recordings
Dreaming The Stoned Dreaming Of Disco Acid Lo-Fi EdiTS


December 5, 2017

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Disk Format Label
Ian North Remember My Name My Girlfriend’s Dead CD Repressed Records
The Dream Syndicate Like Mary How Did I Find Myself Here? Anti/Epitaph
Alex Chilton New Girl in School A Man Called Destruction CD Omnivore
Walter Lure & The Waldos Party Lights Live In Brooklyn LP MVD Audio
Monks There She Walks The Early Years 1964-1965 CD Light In The Attic Records
Basement 5 Too Soon 1965-1980 / In Dub CD PIAS
Violet Nox Black Cat Bone Nebula CD Violet Nox
The Trinary System Dave Davies Dave Davies 7 Inch Fun World Records
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Befindlichkeit des Landes Greatest Hits CD Potomak
Monsieur Crane Le Temps (Extended) Simple Music Experience Vol. 2 CD Macadam Mambo
Trance Purification Tapes LP Growing Bin Records
Alfa Suspiria Obsession Simple Music Experience Vol. 2 CD Macadam Mambo
Benedikt Frey Traume BAH039 7 Inch Bahnsteig 23
Chloe Androgyne (feat. Alain Chamfort) Endless Revisions LP Lumière Noire Records
Sneaker Watumba BAH037 12 Inch Bahnsteig 23
Beard In Dust Flowers BAH038 7 Inch Bahnsteig 23
Virginia Blue Pyramid (Khidja Remix) Blue Pyramid 12 Inch Dark Entries / Emotional Rescue
Dub Oven Skin ‘N’ Bones Skin ‘N’ Bones 12 Inch Music From Memory
SHMLSS B2 XXX666 12 Inch xxx


November 28, 2017

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Artist Song Disk Label
The Flames You Always Survive The Flames punknews.org
Paul & the Tall Trees Next Time Our Love in the Light Big Crown Records
Lift to Experience Down with the Prophets The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads Mute Artists / [PIAS]
Annabel Lamb Heartland (feat. Adrian Borland guitars) Once Bitten A&M
Uranium Daughters No One Wants to Be in Love Today Oz 557686 Records DK
Salem 66 Bad News Frequency And Urgency Homestead
True West It’s About Time Hollywood Holiday Revisited Atavistic
Maggie’s Marshmallows Why Maggie’s Marshmallows Get Hip
Tommy Jay I’ve Been Waiting For You Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales of Trauma Assophon Records
Triptides July Afterglow Requiem pour un Twister
Ian North If You Gotta Neo Aura
Avis Davis Don’t Pin Nothin On Me No.1 Innovative Communication
The Secrets Suzie Peroxide Success Without College Bomb Records
Wild Billy Childish CTMF The Punk Was in Me (And It Had Come Out) Brand New Cage Damaged Goods
Obywatel G.C. Paryz-Moskwa Obywatel G.C Temptress
Vomit Launch Bad Acid Exiled Sandwich Rat Box Records
Ghosts and Shadows Sea Of Calm 2013 – 2016
The Dance Dubbin’ Down Stay Down Statik Records
Native Tongue Blame it on Gravity Yowl Modern Method
Naked Prey i Saw the Light Kill the Messenger Fundamental Records
The Gun Club Cool Drink of Water Elvis From Hell Bang! Records
Sort Sol Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town Medley


November 21, 2917

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
The Dream Syndicate Like Mary How Did I Find Myself Here? Anti/Epitaph
Deniz Tek & James Williamson Penetration Acoustic K.O. Leopard Lady
Teenage Head Fire 78 Cameleon Records
Willie Loco She Wanted Me Dirty Eddie Somor Records
Trinary System This House Dave Davies Fun World Records
The Mothmen People People Temptation Do It Records
Mary Weiss A Certain Guy Don’t Come Back Norton Records
Brinsley Schwarz As Lovers Do It’s All Over Now Mega Dodo
Ghosts and Shadows House of Cards House of Cards Ghosts and Shadows
The Necessaries Europe Event Horizon Be With Records
The Rub I Wanted You Tonight Impossible Dream HOZAC
Ronnie Spector Tonight Siren Polish Records
Stumblebunny Tonight While You Were Out… Phonogram
The Scenics Wild Trout In The Summer Dreamtower Records
The Distractions Leave You To Dream Nobody’s Perfect Island
Flamin’ Groovies End Of The Wold Fantastic Plastic Sonic Kicks
Zoom Young And Alive Sweet Desperation Ugly Pop
Mini Dresses Hands Down Mini Dresses Joy Void
Uranium Daughters Light Beam Oz 557686 Records DK
Savoy Motel Mindless Blues Savoy Motel What’s Your Rupture
World of Pooh Zorch Land of Thirst Starlight Furniture Co.
Barrabas Wild Safari Wild Safari Get on Down
Peter Perrett Living In My Head How The West Was Won Domino
The Stroppies Courtesy Calls The Stroppies Tough Love Records
The Goon Sax Sometimes Accidentally Up to Anything Chapter Music
Crazy Horse Going Down Again Crazy Moon Dustbug Records


November 14, 2017

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Disk Format Label
Violet Nox Lamb on the Moon Nebula CD Violet Nox
Kai Alce Dirty South Dirt (Anticipation Dub) Dirty South Dirt 7 Inch FXHE Records
Marvin & Guy Dimension Marvin & Guy / Red Axes 7 Inch Hivern discs
Jonny Nash Cristina And Carolina Cristina And Carolina / Roberto And Giovanni 7 Inch Melody As Truth
Science Fiction Secret Agent Man Secret Agent Man 7 Inch Stimulus Progression
Volcov Paua Freedom Of The Mind 7 Inch Sounds Familiar
B-Jam Everything B-Jam Vs Enos 7 Inch Smokecloud Records
Eddie C Golyak On Point / Golyak 7 Inch Red Motorbike
Hristo Heat Market Free Sensation / Heat Market 7 Inch Common Edit
Idjut Boys World 1st Day (Altz version remix) World 1st Day 7 Inch Altzmusica
Temu Funk Over Egypt Funk Over Egypt 7 Inch Tugboat Editions
Throwback Zack G-Spot G-Spot 7 Inch Tugboat Editions
Megadon Betamax Don’t Ask He Can’t Love You / Don’t Ask 7 Inch Tugboat Editions
Pontchartrain L&H Hard Love Edits 7 Inch Rocksteady Disco
Lexx All That Is Now Hangin’ On A String / All That Is Now 7 Inch Phantom Island
Frank Booker Sugar Sugar 7 Inch Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Esa Mervin Granger Que Beleza Brazilian Remakes 7 Inch Hello Sailor Recordings
Margie Joseph Margie Loves Drums Scrimshire Re-Edits 7 Inch Wah Wah Dubplates
Unknown Artist Sunburn Al Tone Edits Vol 7 7 Inch Al-Tone Edits
Jongno Edits Dark Alley Drifter 7 Inch Kat Records
Disco Fetish untitled Disco Fetish 7 Inch Lo-Fi EdiTS
Moon Tan Gel Dust Red Motorbike 16 7 Inch Red Motorbike


November 7, 2017

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
Tramaine The Rock (Garage Vocal Version) Genius Of Time – Larry Levan Universal Music Group International
Secret Squirrel Untitled Secret Squirrel #16 Secret Squirrel
Chaos In the CBD Zona Del Silencio Zona Del Silencio EP In Dust We Trust
Unknown Warlord (Moon & Mann’s Laboratory Feel) MM Discos 03 MM Discos
Fitzzgerald Starfruit Tugboat Edits Volume 11 Tugboat Edits
Meowsn Arcade Mode Tugboat Edits Volume 12 Tugboat Edits
Frank Eddie Love Has Never Passed Me By Love Has Never Passed Me By SOL Discos
Jimi Bazzouka INPI (Jimi Bazzouka Edit) Record Culture Magazine – Issue 1 Small Run
Unknown Dis-Go Theme Al-Tone Edits 0005 Al-Tone Edits
Osmose Trust Motor City 45 Smokecloud
Buried Treasure Table Dancing (Legless edit) Buried Treasure Vol 3 Buried Treasure
Mojo Filter Edits Dionne’s Walk (Mojo Filter Fly By Re Love) Dionne’s Walk Wah Wah Dubplates
Saucy Lady Saturday Love Saturday Love Tugboat Editions
Wavelength Funk Dreams funk dreams glydezone
Osmose Do Anything Do Anything Honey Disco
Chandeliers Cruisin’ Cruisin’ Potions Music
Roberto Safari Red Motorbike 15 Red Motorbike
Sam Dees Child Of The Streets 2015 Child Of The Streets 2015 Under The Influence
Hiram & Direct Love Flight Love Flight SOL Discos
Kay Zee Barny Barny Phantom Island

Playlist 305

October 31, 2017

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
The Only Ones The Beast Special View Epic
The Dream Syndicate Halloween The Days of Wine and Roses Ruby Records
New Math They Walk Among You They Walk Among You 415
Judson Fountain Two Boys In A Haunted House Completely in the Dark Innova
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks Orphans S/T Lust/Unlust Music
Messer Chups Rockin’ Zombie Church of Reverb Gitarcula Records
John Kay Easy Evil Steppenwolf – The ABC/Dunhil Singles Collection Real Gone Music
Linnea Quigley and Men In Skirts This Chainsaw’s Made For Cutting! This Chainsaw’s Made For Cutting! Strange Disc Records
Dr. John I Walk on Guilded Splinters Gris-Gris Real Gone Music
GingerBread Men Cloven Hooves GBM 86-90 Gull Records
Implog She Creatures Breakfast LOG. Records
Coil The Box Theme The Unreleased Themes from Hellraiser Solar Lodge Records
Don Christensen / Joel Harris Sequences 8 & 9 Christmas Evil Death Waltz
Quatermass & The Pit QATP EMC #2 Quatermass and The Pit Original Electronic Cues Silva Screen Records
Goblin Profondo Rosso Profondo Rosso Deep Red
Judson Fountain Hallowe’en Night Completely in the Dark Innova
The Doors Who Scared You The Singles Rhino
Samhain Halloween II November-Coming-Fire Plan9
Unnatural Axe The Creeper Killed By Death – Sterling Death #10 Redrum Records
The Gun Club Ghost on the Highway Fire Of Love Slash
Messer Chups Insomnia of the Mummies (Tomb Version) Jokermobile Gitarcula Records
The Severed Limb Bela Lugosi Good and Gone WonderfulSound Records
Misfits Halloween Legacy of Brutality Plan 9
John Carpenter Theme from the Fog John Carpenter’s The Fog Sacred Bones
Christopher Komeda Moment Musical Rosemary’s Baby Dot Records
Frank Vinci Angela’s Theme Sleepaway Camp Death Waltz

Playlist 304

September 26, 2017

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
Miguel Flores Pachacuti Invenciones Munster Records
Saint Etienne Obvious Dive EP Heavenly Recordings
Red Axes Cooked Banana The Beach Goths Garzen
Shadow D’Hardest Version D’Hardest Jamwax
Jongno Edits Drums And A bass Jongno Edits Vol. 5 Jongno Edits
Hotmood My First Love Hotmood Volume 4 Star Creature
Blair French Standing Still Is an Illusion Standing Still Is an Illusion Rocksteady Disco
Bro. Valentino Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution) Stay Up Zimbabwe Analog Africa
Cain Sirin Sirin EP Highlife
Luis Delgado Juegos En El Harén Del Fakreddin Vathek Emotional Rescue
Die Orangen Lost In The Centre Zest Malka Tuti
Saint Etienne Dive (Colorama & Shawn Lee Remix) Dive Remixes Heavenly Recordings
Androo London Dub – Version X Naya Second Circle
Glen Adams Version A Beat For You Emotional Rescue
Blindboy I Dream Ruckus In Lo-Fi Revisited Archeo Recordings
Ben & Sadar’s Fast Trumpet The Red, White & Blues BBE Records

Playlist 303

September 19, 2017

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
The Saints Church Of Indifference Prehistoric Sounds EMI
Chi-Pig B-O-Y, Boy! Miami Chi Pig Records
Urban Blight I’m a Dreamer Playgrounds~N~Glass Stickman Records
The Speedies 1-2-3 Speedy Delivery Radio Heartbeat
Gary Valentine Scenery Tomorrow Belongs to You Overground
Subway Sect Split Up the Money Twenty Odd Years Motion Records
Thrills Don’t Come Back N.A.F.I.T.C. Original Boston Punk 1977-1981 Dionysus Records / Bacchus Archives / Orange Sky / Hell Yeah
Dead Boys Flame Thrower Love 3rd Generation Nation Chancton House
Von Lmo Future Language Future Language Flemish Masters
Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom The Perfect High And You? MCA
Malaria! Your Turn to Run Compiled Moabit Musik
Jah Wobble Pineapple The Legend Lives On – Jah Wobble In ‘Betrayal’ Virgin UK
The Residents Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life England’s Dreaming compiled by Jon Savage Trikont
Helen Love You and Stacy Day-Glo Dreams Elefant
The Units High Pressure Days History of the Units – The Early Years: 1977-1983 Community Library
The Wierdos The Hideout We Got The Neutron Bomb Frontier
Bill Ward Pink Clouds An Island Ward One: Along The Way Chameleon Records
Suicide Keep Your Dreams Suicide Red Star
Snatch Joey Snatch Midnight Records
The Raybeats Andy’s + 1 Guitar Beat Orange Mountain Music
Debris’ Boyfriend Static Disposal Anopheles
James Chance and les Contortions It All Depends On the Amount Incorrigible! Ladtk
The Twinkeyz Little Joey Aliens In Our Midst Twirp
Defunkt In the Good Times Defunkt / Thermonuclear Sweat Ryko/Rhino

Playlist 302

September 12, 2017

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Artist Song Disk Label
Kirlian Camera / O.E.M. Frankie Teardrop We’re All Frankies Fifth Column Records
Raeo Spinal Curves Body Loops G3G Records
Vanishing Twin Truth Is Boring Choose Your Own Adventure Soundway Records
John Sangster Hair Back On The Street Again Festival
Blair French Sandbar Caviar Sandbar Caviar Claremont 56 Records
Fuchsia Me and My Kite Fuchsia Cherry Red
Michael C. Hall and Krystina Alabado When I Met You Lazarus – Original New York Cast Columbia
Lydia Lunch You, Me and Jim Beam LateNightTales BadBadNotGood Latenighttales
Todh Teri Sampadan 3 Deep In India Vol 1 Todh Teri
Dee Dee King Emergency Standing in the Spotlight Rhino/Warner Bros.
Radio Stars Box 29 Thinking Inside The Box Anagram
The Brats First Rock Star On The Moon Max’s Kansas City 1976 & Beyond Jungle
Vega • Chilton • Vaughn Lover Of Love Cubist Blues – Live In France Light in the Attic
Lift to Experience Waiting to Hit The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads Mute
Voight/465 Winchsoul Slights Still Unspoken (1978​-​1979) Mental
Can Spoon The Singles Spoon Records
Bauhaus Stagmata Martyr Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Take It All Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
Hula Ghost Rattle Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
Threat High Cost of Living Silhouettes & Statues Cherry Red
World Of Twist Sons of the Stage Manchester North Of England Cherry Red
What? Noise Vein Manchester North Of England Cherry Red
Hypnotone Dream Beam [7″ edit by Ben Chapman] Manchester North Of England Cherry Red