Faster! and Li Colt Vas

Marie Ullrich used to live in Boston, and was a fan of Turkish Delight back when we were playing 1995-1997. Now she is an independent film maker, with a new short film called Faster! that has been nominated for a Princess Grace Award and has received the Weisman Award. the film concerns a bike messenger in Chicago, and the trailer for it uses a Turkish Delight song, ‘Li Colt Vas.’

Faster! trailer from Marie Ullrich on Vimeo.

‘Li Colt Vas’ was part of an imaginary language I had with my family’s dalmation Freckles, when I was a little boy. I used to call her Locadog. The phrase ‘li colt vas’ meant “how are you.” The track appeared on Turkish Delight’s second full-length, Howcha Magowcha, named after the Barbara Streisand expression she said in Funny Girl. Howcha Magowcha was released in 1998 as a follow-up to 1996’s Tommy Bell.