Playlist 92

Artist Song Disk Label
Dez Andres #13-14 Culture Shock
Dave Goodman Take Down Your Fences Justifiable Homicide The Label
Ole Smokey Edits Time (Adriatic Moon Edit) Ole Smokey Presents Kat
Hooper Hi, Black Children Milky Lychee Poltroon Recordings
Davie Allan & the Arrows Theme (From “Thunderball”) Blues Theme Capitol
Jeans Team Ein Atom Ein Atom Nadel Eins
Peter Moesser’s Music High Let’s Go Into Space DLR
Lou Champagne System Silent Walking No Visible Means Medical Records
L’Augmentation Cartoon Mix Cartoon Strip Kooky
Dalek I You Really Got Me Compass Kum’pas Medical Records
Magnetophone Fulm Air Methods Static Caravan
Eric Random Dow Chemical Company Dow Chemical Company New Hormones
The Murmurs Of Irma Super Vacillation Day Super Vacillation Day Mouthy Records
Safariari O-cha o nomu O-cha o nomu MykeDroner
Sissybar Student Body Treasurer Smiley Paris Caramel
State River Widening Your Chance Ended There Your Chance Ended There Liquefaction Empire
Ted & Ray 321 Songs For The Road Static Caravan
To Rococo Rot + D Numbers In Love Smaller Listening Soul Static Sound

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