March 31, 2015

Soul to NYC proto-synthwave to pub rock to hard rock to spiritual ambient – and that is just the first 5 tracks. A pleasing listen throughout, with one of my all time favorites (Al Tone Edits) coming before the 1980 Lamar Thomas track – nice stuff!

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Denise LaSalle I’m Over You Making A Good Thing Better Ace
Suicide Cheree Suicide Red Star
Dr. Feelgood Twenty Yards Behind I’m A Man Parlophone
Thin Lizzy Buffalo Gal Shades of a Blue Orphanage Decca Music Group Ltd.
Javier Bergia Adios Tren De Jaipur Eclipse Emotional Rescue
Marawrew Rera Suy (Kuniyuki remix) Kuniyuki Remix Collection Mule Musiq
Cantoma Alive (feat Bing Ji Ling) Alive Highwood Recordings
Linkwood Love Lost Expressions Firecracker Recordings
Osmose I was Bedroom Disco Smokecloud
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Disco De Chocolate Mareh Music 001 Mareh Music

Artist Song Release Label
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Disco De Chocolate Mareh Music 001 Mareh Music
Roisin Murphy In Sentesi (JD Twitch Optimo mix) Mi Senti Remixed The Vinyl Factory
Al Tone Edits C’s Lead Number 4 Al Tone Edits
Lamar Thomas Take Me To (New York City) Feel so Good Inside Favorite
Mukat Edits Hot – Too Hot Afro Disco Boogie Edits Vol. 7 Mukat Edits
Twisted Soul Collective Shake & Blow (reworked) A&R Edits Vol. 7: Do A&R Edits
Pablo & Shoey Truck Funk (Pable & Shoey’s Secret Vaults Rejig) Down Town Sounds Classics Volume 3 Fatty Fatty Phonographics
Cold Chillin Inkswel Lemonade City Mercury Retrograde Lumberjacks In Hell
Keyboard Masher Stolen Shapes (Stealing rework) EP 6 KM Editions
Crotocosm Fanatic 1 Fanatic EP Second Circle

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