March 24, 2015

Psychemagik track uses David Crosby vocal of 1971 track ‘Orleans’ from ‘If Only I Could Remember My Name’ – nice! We stay chilled with Coyote’s track before the jolting vocal of The Pop Group, which serves as great prep for tracks by electric eels and Nots. The pop perfection of Chia Pet leads us into the electronic portion of the show, which includes a track from India re-edited by Boston legend Brother Cleve.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
40 Thieves Yamobeecha The Sky Is Yours Leng Records
Psychemagik Valley of Paradise (Time & Space Machine Remix) The Time And Space Machine presents The Way Out Sound From In Ample Play
Coyote How Ya Doin Is It Balearic? Recordings The First 5 Years Is it Balearic?
The Pop Group Age of Miracles Citizen Zombie Freaks R Us
electric eels Splittery Splat Die Electric Eels Superior Viaduct
Nots Static We Are Nots Goner
Chia Pet Hey Baby Hey Baby Kokopop
Mato Love Never Felt So Good Love Never Felt So Good Stix
Asha Bhosle Jab Chaye (Brother Cleve re-edit) Bombay Disco 2 sampler Cultures of Soul
Del Los Miedos Zuhtu Edits Vol.2 Ostra Discos
Len Leise Seed Of The Blushwood Music for Forests International Feel Recordings

Artist Song Release Label
Len Leise Seed Of The Blushwood Music for Forests International Feel Recordings
Gaussian Curve Red Light Clouds Music From Memory
Bison Way to LA (Night) Travellers Claremont 56
Greg Perry Come Fly With Me Rdy #16 Rdy
Paneil de Controle Relax Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds (1978-1982) Favorite
Jose Padilla Day One Day One International Feel Recordings

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