April 28, 2015

The show starts off with Funkadiba (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi) with a track sounding like they were listening to the Bowie track ‘Fame’ as they collaborated, then hits on the 2015 LP by The Pop Group, Jah Wobble covering the signature P.I.L. song, a track from Victims – the only non-Misfits band on the Plan 9 label, and a bunch of rock tracks, with 3 non-rock ones at the end of the show.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Funkadiba La Promenade I Must Feel Better Mondo Groove
The Pop Group Shadow (Master) Citizen Zombie Freaks R Us
Jah Wobble Public Image Merry Go Round Cherry Red
The Mothmen Tardis An On-U Journey Through Time & Space on-u sound
Hawkwind Back on the Streets Back on the Streets Cherry Red
Victims Behind The Times Victims Plan 9
The Sueves Bricks ‘N’ Bones Liquid Hounds Hozac Records
Chrome Cranks Little Johnny Jewel Pts 1 & 2 Little Johnny Jewel Hozac Records
Repairs Decay Decay Hozac Records
Nun Kino Nun Hozac Records
Destroy All Monsters Children of the Night Hot Box 1974-1994 munster
Chandra Opposite Transportation Cantor Records

Artist Song Release Label
Chandra Opposite Transportation Cantor Records
Severed Limb Hammer Horror Gonna be the Death of Me If You Ain’t Livin’ You’re a Dead Man Damaged Goods
X Dreamysts Dance Away Lover Good Vibrations – The Punk Singles Collection Anagram
The Sound Music Business Propaganda renascent
Dr. Feelgood Keep It Out of Sight I’m a Man (Best of the Wilko Johnson Years 1974-1977) Parlophone
Auntie Flo Woman of Your Boss Hey Don’t Make Trouble (It’s the Woman of Your Boss) Permanent Vacation
Telephones Lotusland (Discodromo Remix) Lotusland Love On The Rocks
Suonho The Ghetto 74 The Ghetto 74 AK
Aroop Roy Pimp Aroop Roy Reworks Basic Fingers
Rondenion Strange Love 2-5-1 EP Roundabout Soungs

One thought on “#192

  1. Erica Moody

    Hello Carl!
    I have been a huge fan since the 90s…. currently streaming in my barn in Maine where you and your music save and inspire me always, thank you!

    I was digging in archives and had a question on playlist 192, last song, marimba like sounds…it may be from show right after you, but do you know what it is?

    Thank you!


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