May 19, 2015

Woah – many songs I REALLY love in this show – I could comfortably point anyone to this show and feel well-represented. Do I have to give my recommended tracks? Ok – he Damned, Dark Carnival, Dislocation Dance, Ian Dury, Electric Chairs, Fashion, Bryan Ferry, Paul Haig, Forgotten Rebels, Steve Harley, Heartbreakers, Richard Hell, The High Bees (post-Josef K band!).

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Lovers Rock Nite Crew Pillow Talk (feat. Kaori Takeda) Tokyo Luxury Lounge Reggae Lounge Grand Gallery
The Damned Your Eyes Music For Pleasue Stiff
Dark Carnival Let There Be Dark the Last Great Ride Sympathy for the Record Industry
Dislocation Dance Don’t Knock Me Down Music Music Music New Hormones
Dog Faced Hermans Les femmes et les filles vont danser Those Deep Buds Alternative Tentacles
Ian Dury My Old Man New Boots and Panties!! Stiff
The Eastern Dark Walking Long Live The New Flesh What Goes on
Wayne County and The Electric Chairs Things (Your Mother Never Told You) Things Your Mother Never Told You Safari
Empire Him Or Me Expensive Sound Dinosaur Discs

Artist Song Release Label
Empire Him Or Me Expensive Sound Dinosaur Discs
Fashion Big John/Hanoi annoys Me/We are Innocents Product Perfect Virgin
Bryan Ferry Don’t Worry Baby These Foolish Things Atlantic
Fire Engines Get Up and Use Me Aufgeladen Und Bereit Fur Action Und Spass Fast Product
Forgotten Rebels The Me Generation This Ain’t Hollywood Star
God Is My Co-Pilot Absent Parent Straight Not outpunk
Paul Haig Running Away Running Away Crepuscule
Haircut 100 Marine Boy Pelican West Arista
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel Singular Band The Psychomodo
Heartbreakers Let Go L.A.M.F. track
Richard Hell and The Voidoids Time Destiny Street Red Star
The High Bees Some Indulgence Some Indulgence SUPREME
Eddie and The Hot Rods On The Run Teenage Depression Island

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