May 26, 2015

DJ Harvey’s re-dit of Police’s ‘Voices Inside My Head’ leads us into the debut Rouge Mécanique 12″ – his yet-to-be-topped ‘Witches’, Mike Simonetti gives a pretty awesome Fleetwood Mac re-edit. Suonho handles Brazil masterfully with his João Gilberto re-edit. Dimitri From Paris in his Loisada guise goes disco masterfully (no surprise). Many good tracks here.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold Long Black Long Black Resista
Mad Disco I Wanna Fall In Love Love Affair Maddisco
Moton Exotiq Moton Box Set Moton
Ray Mang Tattoo Me Tattoo Me Mangled
Hawkwind Seeing It As You Really Are (2015 Remastered Version) This Is Your Captain Speaking…Your Captain Is Dead Rhino
Klaus Weiss Drumcrazy James Pants & Tom Noble – Selected Sound Remixes pt. 1 faces records / les disques superfriends
Police Voices Inside My Head (mixed by Ashley Beedle and DJ Harvey) Voices Inside My Head
Rouge Mécanique Witches Witches Pyramids Of Mars

Artist Song Release Label
Rouge Mécanique Witches Witches Pyramids Of Mars
Mike Simonetti Fleetwood Mike Let’s Be Careful Out There Simonetti
Jex Opolis Zither Zither Good Timin’
Suonho Samba de Uma Nota So Suonho In Brasil Vol 2 Suonho In Brasil
Mushrooms Project Tropikal Mushrooms Tropikal Mushrooms Under The Shade
Dimitri From Loisada La Victori Xocolat (Dimitri From Loisada DJ friendly remix) Talkin Bout EBO
Mind Fair Give It Up (original mix) Mind Fair presents Sundown Drive Rogue Cat Sounds
Free Association Sinned Sinned Free Association

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