August 18, 2015

After Flying Lizards (in the Patti Palladin period) start us off, we take a spin in re-edit waters, there is a big middle section with Turkish music with MMT aka Mehmet Aslan, Disco Halal, De Los Miedos, Paralel Disko, and Dogu Civicik. The last 4 tracks (Mike Burn, Maximilian Blanc, Boogsie, Lamar Thomas) explore Tropical sounds.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Flying Lizards Move On Up Fourth Wall Rpm
Albion Pyramids (feat Max Bundt) Pyramids Macadam Mambo
Marie et les Garcons Mardi Soir Marie et les Garcons Ze
Naptha Kaiju Stomp Baltic Rim EP Omena
Lafleur Consume Rocksteady Disco #1 Rocksteady Disco
Secret Squirrels Track 1 Secret Squirrels #8 Secret Squirrel
MMT aka Mehmet Aslan Sevmek Istiyorum Hamam House 1 Hamam House
Disco Halal Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire (Acid Arab edit) Disco Halal Vol. 1 Disco Halal

Artist Song Release Label
De Los Miedos Ergi Ergi (De Los Miedos edit) Edits Vol.1 Ostra Discos
Paralel Disko Panayir Gunu Disco Hamam 2 Disco Hamam
De Los Miedos Zaid Edits Vol.2 Ostra Discos
Dogu Civicik Donende Turkish Delights Ostra Discos
Mike Burn O Comboio (Mike Burns edit) Legalize Lambada Vol 1 Legalize Lambada
Maximilian Blanc Cross Disco Tropical Edits Kat
Boogsie Can’t You See Me The Funky Sound of the Caribbean Island Disco
Lamar Thomas Feel so Good Inside (Extended Waxist Edit Mix) Feel so Good Inside Favorite

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