Electronic show of singles, mostly re-edits. Countries represented include South Korea (Jongno Edits), Mexico (Hotmood), Sweden (Blindboy), Trinidad & Tobago (Shadow), Israel (Red Axes), Africa (Bro. Valentino), Jamaica (Glen Adams) – many places traveled in this show.

September 26, 2017

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Miguel Flores Pachacuti Invenciones Munster Records
Saint Etienne Obvious Dive EP Heavenly Recordings
Red Axes Cooked Banana The Beach Goths Garzen
Shadow D’Hardest Version D’Hardest Jamwax
Jongno Edits Drums And A bass Jongno Edits Vol. 5 Jongno Edits
Hotmood My First Love Hotmood Volume 4 Star Creature
Blair French Standing Still Is an Illusion Standing Still Is an Illusion Rocksteady Disco
Bro. Valentino Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution) Stay Up Zimbabwe Analog Africa

Artist Song Release Label
Bro. Valentino Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution) [continued] Stay Up Zimbabwe Analog Africa
Cain Sirin Sirin EP Highlife
Luis Delgado Juegos En El Harén Del Fakreddin Vathek Emotional Rescue
Die Orangen Lost In The Centre Zest Malka Tuti
Saint Etienne Dive (Colorama & Shawn Lee Remix) Dive Remixes Heavenly Recordings
Androo London Dub – Version X Naya Second Circle
Glen Adams Version A Beat For You Emotional Rescue
Blindboy I Dream Ruckus In Lo-Fi Revisited Archeo Recordings
Ben & Sadar’s Fast Trumpet The Red, White & Blues BBE Records

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