March 9, 2021

Part 10 of 12-week Brazen Ladies series, running from Sleater-Kinney to Soundpool in the first hour, and Sonovac to Stereolab​ in the second hour. Special treats include a prime-era Patti Smith Group track that was a non-LP B-side, two Susan Springfield tracks (mighty – godlike) and two Starcrawler (goodness of recent vintage) tracks.

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Artist Song Release Label
Sleater-Kinney ‎ You Ain’t It! You Ain’t It! Villa Villakula
Sleepyhead ‎ Like A Girl Jesus Punk Rock City USA Slumberland Records
The Slits Man Next Door Man Next Door Y Records
Slot Starcock Last Tuesday’s Child Third Gear Records
Smack Dab Circumlunar Future Forty Five Revolutions
Linda Smith Till Another Time Till Another Time Slumberland Records
Linda Smith ‎ In This Till Another Time Slumberland Records
Patti Smith Group ‎ God Speed Because The Night Arista
Patti Smith ‎ Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect Two More Columbia
Snatch Sister Julia Sister Julia WorryBird Disk
Snatch I.R.T. I.R.T. Bomp!
Snatch When I’m Bored All I Want Lightning Records
Soap’ Joh Henshi Byoin De Go Byoin De Go Scratch Records
The Softies Goodbye Loveseat Slumberland Records ‎
Soundpool But It’s So But It’s So Killer Pimp

Artist Song Release Label
Sonovac ‎ Human Fly Human Fly Output
Space Dust Cool Car Cool Car 18 Wheeler
The Space Lady ‎ Major Tom Major Tom Night School
Ronnie Spector ‎ Tandoori Chicken Try Some, Buy Some Apple Records
Spigot ‎ I Will Be Bombed Scorched Tongue Closet Normal ‎
The Spinanes Bad Karma Spitfire Sub Pop
Spitboy The Threat Spitboy Lookout! Records
Spitboy Blue Rasana Ebullition Records
Spitboy ‎ Word Problem Mi Cuerpo Es Mio Allied Recordings
Splashdown Pandora Pandora Castle von Buhler
Spring ‎ Hansel Y Gretel Chante En Espagnol Elefant Records
Susan Springfield ‎ Lost Is Found The Tenant Of The Room Doe Records
Susan Springfield ‎ Promises The Tenant Of The Room Doe Records
Starcrawler ‎ Hollywood Ending Hollywood Ending Rough Trade
Starcrawler Tank Top Hollywood Ending Rough Trade
Star Pimp Meat Grinder Treasure Trail Boner Records
Stereolab ‎ The Super-It The Underground Is Coming Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks

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