March 16, 2021

Part 11 of 12-week Brazen Ladies series. We run from Stereo Total to Syrup USA in the first hour, and Team Dresch to Tulips in the second. Stuff you can’t miss includes The Subterraneans, A.Z., Sugarbitch, Super Eight, Suran Song In Stag, Suspects, Tribe 8 and Tsunami, but really every track will capture your heart in some way.

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Artist Song Release Label
Stereo Total ‎ Holiday Innn (10b85 Remix) Holiday Innn Bungalow
Stereo Total ‎ Holiday Innn Supergirl Bungalow
Stinky Toys Driver Blues Boozy Creed Polydor
The Stroppies Maddest Moments Maddest Moments Tough Love Records
The Subterraneans, A.Z. Battleground Stop Ratfish Records
The Subterraneans, A.Z. Shimmer Stop Ratfish Records
Sugarbitch Pepper Pants Sugarbitch Secret Afro Records ‎
Sugar Plant Cloudy Cloudy Pop Narcotic
Suns Of Arqa Soul To Save Mozabites Rock Steady Records
Super Eight The Slider The Slider Not On Label
Suran Song In Stag ‎ Kissing Judice Kissing Judice Alien Records
Suspects It’s Up To You It’s Up To You Not On Label ‎
Rachel Sweet Who Does Lisa Like? I Go To Pieces Stiff Records
Sweetcream USA Two Queers Smoking Heroin Rising Rut Rot ‎
The Swimming Pool Q’s The A-Bomb Woke Me Up Rat Bait Chlorinated Records
Syrup USA ‎ Joie De Vol Spinning At 45 Revolutions Per Minute Tru Luv

Artist Song Release Label
Team Dresch ‎ Hand Grenade Hand Grenade Kill Rock Stars
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Less Of Me Orphans Migraine
Teensy Weensy Operator Big Black Bird Teensy Weensy Operator La Brea Records
Terminal Fun ‎ Twist And Survive Great Moments Projected Image
Thee Headcoatees ‎ Mess Of Pottage My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate Vinyl Japan
Thee Girl Fridays ‎ Too Much Of A Good Thing The Love Witch Spinout Nuggets
360’s Free Free Link
Tiger Joanie Scott Baby I Need Your Lovin’ Baby I Need Your Lovin’ Light In The Attic
Tizzy New Jersey New Jersey Chunk Records
Tongue Opaque Opaque Orgasm
Tongue Here Before Opaque Orgasm
Tribe 8 ‎ Femme Bitch Top Pig Bitch HARP Records
Tribe 8 ‎ Mom Gone Song Allen’s Mom Outpunk Records
Trinket Beautiful Mess Beautiful Mess Slot Records
Tsunami Geniuses Of Crack Geniuses Of Crack Homestead Records
Tulips ‎ Empty Place Sweet And Hateful Sonic Bubblegum

One thought on “#458

  1. frank J Saragnese

    Hey hey now how about some love for NJ band Screaming Females Marissa Paternoster ?? She is a great guitarist. Shreds . From New Brunswick NJ on Don Giovanni label .


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