May 11, 2021

Part two of a three part electronic series. The show is all vinyl, physical copies of 12″ and LP tracks spun in real time. There are tracks from many countries, era, and sub-genres. All were chosen to belong to this very special set, presented for your enjoyment.

Jugoton Funk

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Artist Song Release Label
Gala Drop & Ben Chasny Positano Broda GDRecords
Mountaineer Golden Chalk (Version Idjut) Ten Years Of Leng Records 2010-2020 Leng Records
Larry “T-Byrd” Gordon Contact Off Funk Kickin Presents Hi Tide Groove (DJ’s Choice 1969-1981) Hi Records
More Aerodrom Jugoton Funk Vol. 1 – A Decade Of Non-Aligned Beats, Soul, Disco And Jazz 1969-1979 Croatia Records
Joy I Can Do All Things Through Christ The Time Is Right MTMU
U. X. B. ‎ Your Starring Sting Me MTMU
Moods Vulv’s Pocket Regroove Too Slow To Disco Neo Presents Manifesto 12″ How Do You Are?
Leo Almunia Brillo De Luna Claremont Editions Two Claremont 56
Pure Release ‎ A Real Fine Dancer On The Loose Tambourine Party Records

Artist Song Release Label
Hillside 1939 Grand Ave Sunday In June Claremont 56
Khan ‎ Slow Stepper Blue Box Sessions Second Circle
Derek Kaye Music Up A&R Edits Revisited A&R Edits
Ramses Ballet Ramses Theme Wild Safari: Afro Tropical Disco Odyssey Naughty Rhythm Records ‎
I Visconti Rhesus O+ Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 4 Naughty Rhythm Records ‎
The Bleak Engineers The Ever Transmittance Unconscious Rotation Mecanique
Gramme Discolovers Two Synths A Guitar (And) A Drum Machine #1 Soul Jazz Records
Yu Su ‎ Gleam Yellow River Blue Music From Memory
Scott Gailey ‎ Jewelled Turtle Polysensuality Séance Centre
Scott Gailey Errant Moon Polysensuality Séance Centre
Pelican Daughters Aurascape Wound Without A Tear Daisart

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