September 21, 2021

With a nod to time-traveling author Paul Levinson (The Plot To Save Socrates) Gulls Window Circus brings you to 1995 as a booking agent looking to book a show in 1995. This is a 2 week spacial, with 3 hours of national bands and 1 hour of local (Boston-area) bands. All tracks are 7″ vinyl, spun in real time on a turntable. Programming this show was a fun surprise – there are many tracks that sound great today, even if they barely found their audience when they were made.


Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Alice Donut Empty Streets Nadine Alternative Tentacles
Balloon Guy Moxabustion Scars Third Gear Records
Beak Airplane Airplane Insignificant
Bean The Last House At The End Of The Road Fa Fa Ha Ha La Dionysus Records
Bouncing Souls The Ballad Of Johnny X Johnny X Better Youth Organization
Bowery Electric Let Me Down Drop Hi-Fidelity Recordings
The Cherries Material Girl Daddy O Morninglory Music Group
Citizens’ Utilities Chemicals Chemicals Mute America
Cobra Verde Leather Leather Scat Records
Cobra Verde One Step Away From Myself One Step Away From Myself Sub Pop
Copper Tuesday’s Child Copper Equal Vision Records
The Dandy Warhols Dick The Little Drummer Boy Tim/Kerr Records
Drag Triplets Letter Drag Triplets Ear Goo Records
Drag Triplets I Know You Know Drag Triplets Ear Goo Records

Artist Song Release Label
Dr. Gunni ‎ Nonni Stubbur Fuzz & Sway Vinyl Communications
For Love Not Lisa Hallowed Be Good Intentions Theologian Records
Garlands Genius Just The Verses Not On Label
Gem Smiling All The While Sheep Carcrashh
Idaho Fuel Fuel Caroline Records
The Japanese Beetles Mrs. Woods Cook Out Roadtrip
Love Child Sleepyhead Six Of One Homestead Records
Moist Together Forever Together Forever More Fun Records
Moviola Lookin’ In Lookin’ In Anyway Records
The Pagodas Should Have Known Should Have Known Kade Records
Penniless People Of Bulgaria Velocity Velocity Altered Records
Poem Rocket Milky White Entropy Small White Animal PCP Entertainment
The Seymores Bluestar The Seymores Full City Blend
Thirty Ought Six Moreau Talon Mute America

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