September 28, 2021

Part 2 of the Book a show in 1995 special, continued from last week. Gulls Window Circus brings you to 1995 as a booking agent evaluating singles in order to book a show. This week covers 1 hour of national bands and 1 hour of local (Boston-area) bands. All tracks are 7″ vinyl, spun in real time on a turntable. The Toothpaste 2000 track deserves the cover star status is has been given, but many other teats lie waiting for your discovery (Tractor Hips, Überhund, The Accidents, Jumprope, Sextiles). Amazing cartoonist Rob Rege’s Trollin Withdrawal is here, as well as projects by folks mostly known from other bands, such as Sydra = Mel from Sugarbitch and Vistory At Sea, Ambulance Driver = Marc from Spore and Sunburned Hand Of The Man, and Lee Fisher, subject of Spore song of the same name, Punchcutter = Ayal from Spore.

Toothpaste 2000

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Thirty Ought Six Talon Talon Mute America
Superconductor A Song For Europe A Song For Europe Mute America
Toenut Feeder Mouthful Of Pennies Mute America
Toothpaste 2000 Courtney Love Sex Offender Parasol Records
Tractor Hips Popcorn Maker The Sovereign And The Dogs Friction Media
Tripmaster Monkey Fizzle Like A Flood Albert’s Twisted Memory Bank Ginger Records
Überhund The Floor People The Floor People Cream Cloud Records
Vineland Archetype Archetype The Matt Label
Wives Back Grinding Redd Records
The Accidents Subterranean Homesick Too French Kiss Not On Label
Ambulance Driver Wretched Excess Clean Stonerecords
Analogue Christmas Average Luck Charm Sonic Bubblegum
August Spies September Riots Food Chain In Your Living Room Rodent Popsicle Records
Cherry 2000 New Waste Of Time Blood Red / Ghost / New Waste Of Time / Another Ghost Catapult Records
Cherry 2000 Blood Red Blood Red / Ghost / New Waste Of Time / Another Ghost Catapult Records

Artist Song Release Label
Clem Snide Rock N Roll Important/Rock N Roll Not On Label
+DOG+ Dog Has Spoken Bombed And Dangerous Detector
Evelyn Swoons Michelle Black On Hawaii Jelo-Delite Records
Foom Soon Monster Boogie Not On Label
Jumprope Sarah Wishes The Pensive E.P. Motorway
La Gritona Frank White Frank White Chainsaw Safety Records
Lars Vegas Requiem Hazard Yellow / Requiem / Icy Needles BHS Records
Punchcutter Rain Punchcutter Reproductive Records
Sextiles ‎ I Hope You Die I Hope You Die V-Hold Records
Slughog Hanker Hangman / Hanker Self Abuse Records
Sydra Free Association Passive Like A Whiskey Soda Shifty Records
Trollin Withdrawal Pretty Ugly Emil Eye Erroneous Records
Throttle Born To Lose Shoot Out Reproductive Records

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