April 26, 2022

Carl’s living room (vinyl LP tracks) with a non-rock show. We start with the Dave Pike song that was cut-off at the end of the last show, then move to a track from the classic 1970 Moog Indigo LP, picking up with Barbados, UK, El Salvador, Edinburgh, to Jakarta Indonesia, before closing the first hour with 3 tracks of Italian soundtrack. The second hour travels through Africa, including a bunch of Zamrock. This show suggests a future Gulls Window Circus series ‘Far away lands’.

Dave Pike

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Artist Song Release Label
Dave Pike Sunny Jazz For The Jet Set Nature Sounds
Jean-Jacques Perrey E.V.A. Moog Indigo Vanguard
Mr. PC Drum Song (Mr. PC Mystic Rhythm Edit) ABC Versions Rocksteady Disco
Fire Flight Heartbreak City Exit Isle Of Jura Records
Ashaye Dreaming (Jungle Mix) V4 Visions: Of Love & Androids Numero Group
Grupo Macho San Salvador Disco Demands Part Six BBE Disco
Cindytalk Arrival The Wind Is Strong… Dais Records
Uwalmassa Rantas Malar Mana
Gian Piero Reverberi, Gianfranco Reverberi Le Malizie Di Venere (Sequence 04) Devil In The Flesh Not Dark Yet
Nico Fidenco A Modern Reportage Emanuelle And The White Slave Trade Not Dark Yet
Nico Fidenco Performing Joy Emanuelle And The White Slave Trade Not Dark Yet

Artist Song Release Label
Saitana Soweto Baby Don’t Go Tooth Factory Music
Freedom’s Children with Malombo Jazz Makers Ourang-Outang I Ourang-Outang Sharp-Flat Records
The Tinkles Chalo Kuwama Chalo Kuwama Strawberry Rain
Rim And The Believers Peace Of Mind Too Tough BBE
The Mashabe Band Nenze Kuti Ndiwe Mama Mandela Sharp-Flat Records
Dick Khoza Chapita Chapita Tooth Factory Music
Crossbones Fever Wise Man Strawberry Rain
Rob A Price We Never Merit Hell Fire Tambourine Party Records
Mack Porter Sunday In Neon Lights Peace On You Tidal Waves Music
Blackfoot When Its Alright Millie Strawberry Rain

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