May 3, 2022

This week’s show debuts a new series, CD spinnin’. When you are used to spinning vinyl, doing a CD-only show is challenging, so this one was more work for me that usual, but I think the fruit it yielded is individual! Almost every track is ONLY available as a CD. There are a handful of tracks from 2 compilations I like very much: ‘Another Record Compilation 2021’ and ‘Hits & Missiles’. The 4 latest CDs newly energized Harriet Records are introduced, as is the new EP from Boston’s Violet Nox. Boston’s Field Day and Rochester’s Painted Birds shine, the elusive non-LP Pussywillows track ‘Vindaloo’ and tracks from Airport Girl, Jackass and Gilded Lil do as well.

The Very

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Artist Song Release Label
Airport Girl When You Fall Do You Dream In Colour? EP Matinée Recordings
Southville This Town Across The Airwaves Harriet Records
El Hombre Trajeado Alec Under Observation Hits & Missiles Guided Missile
Selen Peacock Toutes nos Tetes Sont Suspendues Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
The Painted Birds Midnight by the Woodline Under the Wing The Painted Birds
Crosby & Nash Song With No Words London ’70 teatro
Misophone The Guillotine Walls Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
Hemisphere Sud Pharmacie Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
Ricky Spontane Claustrophobia Hits & Missiles Guided Missile
The Finkielkrauts Technocrat Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
The Very Not Your Satellite The Universe Of You Harriet Records
ANNA Night Night Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
The Pussywillows Vindaloo Kill The Moonlight (The Motion Picture Sound Track) Sympathy For The Record Industry
Dick Johnson Disposable Darling Hits & Missiles Guided Missile

Artist Song Release Label
Field Day Soft Target Paint the Light – EP Field Day
Jackass P.C. Systems Where Truth Is A Beacon Smilex Records
Morgen Of Dreams Morgen Now-Again Records
Gag Half A Monkey Loser Hits & Missiles Guided Missile
Mark Fry It Doesn’t Matter To Me Dreaming With Alice Now-Again Reserve
Snog 6 Leave Start All Over Again Harriet Records
Aune Chasse Aux Lions Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
Violet Nox Bellatrix Eris Wakes – EP Infinity Vine Records
Denny Zeitlin With George Marsh And Mel Graves Gonna Take You Away The Name Of This Terrain Now-Again Records
Phat Dat Culture Shock Another Record Compilation 2021 Another Record
Gilded Lil Lands Right Hits & Missiles Guided Missile
High Risk Group Knee High Seconds Away Harriet Records
Jokari André Breton Main Gauche Pop Supérette
TV Eye Stevie’s Radio Station Un-Scene! Post Punk Birmingham 1978-1982 Easy Action

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