August 23, 2022

An electronic show by plan, but it spread its wings to reggae, deep house, disco and experimental/electronic. Artists from all corners of the world are featured, and the joy is how these different sounds blend together into a show that simply makes sense. Be sure to listen to The Chosen Few ‘In The Rain’ (AND the other track from them), Vibes4YourSoul’s re-edit of Lou Reed (AND the other track from him), Luxxury ‘Hello My Love’, Al Kent’s Chaka Khan re-edit (the first hour bookended by songs about rain). Entering the second hour, add Pol Ran ‘Gorąco’ and Saidera ‘Deixa Tudo Fluir (Uprockin’ Dub)’.


Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
The Chosen Few In The Rain In The Rain Emotional Rescue
King Sporty Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle Emotional Rescue
The Chosen Few Funky Buttercup Wandering Emotional Rescue
King Sporty Dance to the Music (Part 1) Dance to the Music Emotional Rescue
Vibes4YourSoul Coney Island (Vibes4YourSoul “Glory Of Love” Rework) TSTD Edits 05 How Do You Are?
Vibes4YourSoul Pra Você TSTD Edits 08 (Tudo Azul EP) How Do You Are?
Jack Tennis So Lonely TSTD Edits 09 How Do You Are?
Luxxury Hello My Love TSTD Edits 06 TSTD Edits 06
Marc Roberts Uno Marc Roberts Edits Moton Records Inc.
Al Kent Rain Rain Million Dollar Disco

Artist Song Release Label
ADSX / HANOBEN Werner’s Spiel DB12 007 Duca Bianco
DYYU∩E & Boryn Banany Banany Eastern European Cut-Outs Vol. 3 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Pol Rax Gorąco Pol Rax (2000​-​2010) The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Juice People Unlimited Shermanizing / One Way Ticket To Hell Disco Godfather (Original 1979 Motion Picture Soundtrack) Strange Disc Records
Ganger Anomovieshot The Cat’s In The Bag… (…The Bag’s In The River) Planet Records
Yellow Magic Orchestra Naue Tanz Cosmic Disco Machine Volume Five Cosmic Disco Machine Records
ISOR29 Doll House City Moon Phase Gardening Second Circle
Saidera Deixa Tudo Fluir (Uprockin’ Dub) Luzes Da Cidade Leng
Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch Funky Boogie Woogie Electric Murder Kalita Records

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