September 13, 2022

Today we spend some time in Africa [Rob, William Onyeabor, Orchestre Massako, Rim And Kasa], and with artists from other countries that have strong connections to Africa [Plunky And Oneness Of Juju, Gaston, Tony Allen], then Northern Ireland [Andwella], France [David Keaton], UK [Róisín Murphy] and finally a bunch of USA artists [Orange Krush, Quincy Jones, Yvonne Fair, Bobbi Humphrey, Sly & The Family Stone, Fay Hill, Reanna Coleman]. A soul/funk delight. Every time I listen to these, its like discovering them again – William Onyeabor, Tony Allen, Bobbi Humphrey, Fay, Devil In The Flesh soundtrack, Rim And Kasa, and Reanna Coleman tracks.

Bobbi Humphrey

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Artist Song Release Label
Rob Just One More Time Rob Mr Bongo
Plunky And Oneness Of Juju ‎ Every Way But Loose (Extended Studio Version) Make A Change Strut
William Onyeabor Love Is Blind Who Is William Onyeabor ? Luaka Bop
Gaston Magnificent Choo Choo My Queen Soul Brother Records
Andwella Hold On To Your Mind (Edit By Mr. K) Konk Party / Hold On To Your Mind Most Excellent Unlimited
Orange Krush Action (Edit By Mr. K) Action / World Famous Most Excellent Unlimited
Quincy Jones Snow Creatures $ (Music From The Original Motion Picture Sound Track) Rhino Records
Yvonne Fair It Should Have Been Me (Edit By Mr. K) It Should Have Been Me / Brand New Lover Most Excellent Unlimited
Tony Allen Ijo Secret Agent World Circuit

Artist Song Release Label
Orchestre Massako Temedy Orchestre Massako Analog Africa
Bobbi Humphrey The Trip Fancy Dancer Blue Note Records
Sly & The Family Stone Love City Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 Epic
Fay I Don’t Know You This Is A Blessing P-Vine Records
Gian Piero Reverberi, Gianfranco Reverberi ‎ Le Malizie Di Venere (Sequence 06) Devil In The Flesh Not Dark Yet
Rim And Kasa Shine The Ladies Too Tough BBE
Reanna Coleman You’re In My Pocket (Nick The Record Discomix) You’re In My Pocket Emotional Rescue
David Keaton Space Control Cosmic Disco Machine Volume Five Cosmic Disco Machine Records
Róisín Murphy Kingdom Of Machines Crooked Machine Skint
Róisín Murphy Echo Returns Crooked Machine Skint

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