January 13, 2015

Electronic show that starts with Wonder Headz, the side project of 2 members of Kyoto band Nabowa. A trip to London artist Jonny Miller in his JM Edits guise on KAT Records, then going deep with Italian artist Riccardo Zanaroli (Riccio), Lisbon artist Black, and Australia with Cold Chillin Inkswel.

Wonder Headz

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Wonder Headz Tabigarasu Wonder Wanderer AWDR/LR2
Moon B Art Direction III Peoples Potential Unlimited
Swietliki Alkohol Sromota Karrot Kommando
Charles Amoah Scratch My Back (edit) Spacer Boogie Down
Jonny Miller What You Did JM Edits #2 Kat
Riccio Pretty eyes Pretty Eyes EP Bosconi Extra Virgin
Trash Company feat Rama Mind Game Mind Game Peoples Potential Unlimited
Gay Marvine On The Run Bath House Etiquette Vol. 4 Bath House Etiquette
Black Van III EP Outerzona13

Artist Song Release Label
Black Van III EP Outerzona13
Pork Intl/Tusk Gizzy The Fox Gizzy The Fox Tusk Wax
Los Porcos Jesus Luvs U Baby Jesus Luvs U Baby Uber
Tambien Der Elf Der Elf ESP Institute
Mr T Turn Onto Love Salamanca Vol 1 Salamanca
Cold Chillin Inkswel Mercury Retrograde Mercury Retrograde Lumberjacks In Hell
Guiddo w/Georges Perin One Last Bite One Last Bite Beats In Space

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