March 23, 2021

Part 12 (the last one!) of the Brazen Ladies series of 7″ played alphabetically by woman bands. This week we start with Tracie and run through Zuzu’s Petals. Tracks you HAVE to hear are by Velocette (love that song!), Velocity Girl, Vertical Pillows, Vibralux, and Vinyl Devotion. In closing this 12 week series, I say go back and be sure to listen to EVERY song, as not one of them snuck in here – they were all deserving and placed with love. A special thanks to Pénélope Bagieu and her ‘Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked The World’ graphic novel for inspiring me to expand a simple idea into a 12 week megadventure.

Artist Song Release Label
Tracie Dr Love The House That Jack Built Respond Records ‎
Tunic ‎ Also-ran Also-ran Love Train ‎
Turkish Delight Logo Spin Prude Records
Tuscadero ‎ Paper Crown The Mark Robinson Re-Mixes EP Teenbeat
Twig Fall Of Love Fall Of Love Harriet Records
Twiggy When I Think Of You Beautiful Dreams EP Munster Records
Two Man Bobsled Glare Glare She Scandalized My Name Records
Velocette Bitterscene Bitterscene Wiiija Records
Velocity Girl ‎ Crazy Town Crazy Town Sub Pop
Venus And The Razorblades I Want To Be Where The Boys Are I Want To Be Where The Boys Are Spark
Venus Cures All ‎ Satan-Be-Gone L.B.S. Whiskey Sour Records
Venus Tropicaux ‎ Draw Me Lycra Pants Subroutine Records
Verago-go ‎ One Nite Stand One Nite Stand Vinylhaven Records
Vertical Pillows ‎ R.U.N. Jump Back K.A.T. Records
V.P.N. Penny Penny Dark Beloved Cloud
V.P.N. LMNOP LMNOP Dark Beloved Cloud

Artist Song Release Label
Vibralux ‎ Hercules Hercules Candy Floss
Vibraslaps Ce Grand Néant Live In London The Making Of Americans
Vinyl Devotion Out In The Streets Euphoria Parasol Records
The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black ‎ Honky Tonk Bisquit Queen Honky Tonk Bisquit Queen Sympathy For The Record Industry
The Vomit Punx The Game Lost Eugene Records
V-Twin Gifted Gifted Domino
Wat Tyler Justify Your Book Sexless Damaged Goods
Mary Weiss ‎ A Certain Guy Don’t Come Back Norton Records
Mary Weiss ‎ I Don’t Want To Know Stop And Think It Over Norton Records
James Williamson And Carolyn Wonderland ‎ Open Up And Bleed Open Up And Bleed Leopard Lady Records ‎
Mari Wilson ‎ Woe, Woe, Woe Just What I Always Wanted The Compact Organization
Witchy Poo You Belong To Me Groaning Machine + 2 Kill Rock Stars
X-Ray Spex The Day The World Turned Day-glo The Day The World Turned Day-glo EMI International ‎
Y Pants Off The Hook Little Music 99 Records
Your Funeral ‎ Final Abyss I Want To Be You Eventually It Will Kill You
Zombierella’s Tentative Reels ‎ Zombi Cadavre Suicide Commando Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Zombierella ‎ The Incident On A Nuclear Station Nuclear Bitch Missing Fink Records
Zonic Shockum Tooth Testosterone Compulsiv Music
Zuzu’s Petals ‎ Star Baby Star Baby Delmore Recordings

2 thoughts on “#459

  1. fkjuice

    Thanks for the Brazen Ladies, heard a few songs I hadn’t heard since the 90’s. Would love it if you could do something similar for the boys, those obscure bands that only released a few 7 inches or an EP and then disappeared without a trace. Had a driving job around LA in the 90’s, KXLU, KSPC and KUCI continually rotating on the radio, heard so many great songs but would be outta the truck before I could get a name then never heard ’em again, days before the internet but the most creative and innovative time in music imho.


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