March 30, 2021

7″ played alphabetically series returns: Hardcore part 1 of 4 – 21 songs in part 1 and 22 songs in part 2 – whew! Highlights? I recommend just putting this on and letting it play. Songs were not chosen simply because I had access to the 7″ – every track earned its place. Special callout to Boston artists Bloodletter , Chickita, Eight Route Army, The Edge, The Evil Streaks, Fat Day, Gang Green, Gerty Farish and GingerBread Men. Special love to Mystic Records singles by Doggy Style, Don’t No, Dr. Know, False Confession, and Flower Leperds. Hi to my college mates Ed Gein’s Car.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
A.M.Q.A. Nice Truck Cats Are Neat Subcore Records
A.M.Q.A. Cats Are Neat Cats Are Neat Subcore Records
A.M.Q.A. Bowling Balls (In My Back Seat) Cats Are Neat Subcore Records
Angry Samoans ‎ D. For The Dead D. For The Dead Shakin’ Street Records
Babyshit Brown Don’t Play That Game Babyshit Brown EP Intestinal Fortitude
Bikini Kill ‎ Rah! Rah! Replica The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation Kill Rock Stars
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks Digging Through Trash Obama Is A Cyborg Red Lounge Records
Black Fork Ladle Junkies Quality Job One Vinyl Communications
Black Fork Doo Doo Gotch Lulu Quality Job One Vinyl Communications
Bloodletter ‎ On The Rim On The Rim Reproductive Records
Brine Velcro Head Operation Manual Amendment Records
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers Frustration I Furious Party Belfagor Records
Chickita The Low Song Eat When Soft To The Touch 100% Breakfast! ‎
Crude S.S. Destroy Capitalism Who’ll Survive E.P. Uproar Records
Dark Sarcasm Hollowlands Lego Facilities Gravity / Vinyl Communications
Dark Sarcasm Dripaway Lego Facilities Gravity / Vinyl Communications
Dawson Whistle Shunt Symmetry Small Eared Rank Outsider Earth Summit EP Project A Bomb
Doggy Style Be Strong Work As One Mystic Records
Doggy Style Donut Shop Rock Work As One Mystic Records (8)
Doldrums Stabilizer Doldrums No Idea Records
Don’t No Society The Real World. Mystic Records

Artist Song Release Label
Don’t No The Rule The Real World. Mystic Records
Dr. Know These Pressures Burn Mystic Records
Eighth Route Army Vice Presidente Think For Yourself 1 Dimensional
The Edge Corporate Abuse Alternative Allston Throbbing Lobster ‎
Ed Gein’s Car ‎ Too Old To Die Young Brain Dead Baby Ed Gein’s Car
Electric Eels Wreck And Roll Accident HoZac Records
The Element Of Crime Jaws All Ism The Things You Do For Love Soul Static Sound
The Evil Streaks Little Witch Stomp Go Go To Hell Necro-Tone
False Confession Feline False Confession Mystic Records
Fat Day Delicate Cutter Choad Nickel 100% Breakfast!
Fat Day B-17 Bomber Gun Court Singles Series Wabana Ore Limited
Filth Sex Don’t Hide Your Hate Plurex Records
Flower Leperds Has Hate Been Kind Enough Has Hate Been Kind Enough Mystic Records
Frumpies Safety First Safety First Wiiija Records
Frumpies ‎ I Just Wanna Puke On The Stereo Alien Summer Nights Chainsaw
F.U.K. ‎ I Got A Head Road Kill HoZac Records
Gang Green ‎ Skate To Hell Skate To Hell Taang! Records
Gaunt Solution Solution Snap! Crackle Punk!
Gerty Farish Why No Nice Things Deadly Attackers Menlo Park Recordings
Gilded Lil Wang Wang Bosque Records
GingerBread Men Day Job, Night Band Happy Squirrel 1988
Giorgio Murderer Computer Simulation Lazer Lord Goner Records

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