The Len Bright Combo, Giuda, Toyah, Golden Earring, Be Bop Deluxe, Social Distortion, Salvation Army, The 2×4’s, E. Coli, Simply Saucer, The 4th Movement, Cromwell, The Golliwogs, Fifty Foot Hose, The Rudies, The Groundhogs, Bob Seger And The Last Heard, The Rationals, Leaf Hound, Thin Lizzy, Lou Reed, Penetration Moon, Brett Smiley, Tiger Lily, Redd Kross, Faz Waltz, Julian Leal, Albatross, Furies, Vodka Collins, Buster, Bubbles, Coloured Balls, Television, Talking Heads, Johnny Thunders, Captains Of Industry, Viv Albertine, Vic Godard

June 11, 2019

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Part One
Artist Song Release Label
The Len Bright Combo Someone Must’ve Nailed Us Together Wreckless Eric Presents the Len Bright Combo Fire Records
Giuda Space Walk E.V.A Rise Above Records
Toyah Danced Sheep Farming in Barnet Safari Records
Golden Earring Are You Receiving Me Moontan Music On Vinyl
Be Bop Deluxe Sister Seagull Futurama Esoteric Recordings
Social Distortion Moral Threat Posh Boy’s Little Monsters Radiation Reissues
Salvation Army Lucifer Sam Live From Torrance & Beyond Burger Records
The 2×4’s Bridgeport Lathe The 2×4’s
E. Coli Bindle 0157H7 Triple X Records
Simply Saucer Bullet Proof Nothing Cyborgs Revisited In The Red Recordings
The 4th Movement Love And Music The 4th Movement Drag City
Part Two
Cromwell Down On The Town At The Gallop Got Kinda Lost Records
The Golliwogs Porterville Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 Craft Recordings
Fifty Foot Hose The Things That Concern You Cauldron Cauldron Label:
The Rudies Sherri Goodbye Sherri Goodbye Badge Record
The Groundhogs No More Doggin’ Scratching The Surface Fire Records
Bob Seger And The Last Heard East Side Story (Vocal) Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967 Cameo Parkway ‎
The Rationals Ha-Ha The Rationals Rouge Record
Leaf Hound Sad Road to the Sea Growers of Mushrooms Repertoire Records
Groundhogs Light Was The Day Blues Obituary Fire Records
Thin Lizzy Toughest Street In Town Black Rose – A Rock Legend Vertigo
Lou Reed Rock Minuet Ecstasy Reprise Record
Penetration Moon It’s A Wonderful Life Of Crime Penetration Moon Burger Records
Brett Smiley Cherry Hookers Sunset Tower What’s Your Rupture?
Tiger Lily Ain’t Misbehavin’ Ain’t Misbehavin’ Gull
Part Three
Redd Kross Annie’s Gone Third Eye ORG Music
Faz Waltz Oh Penny Double Decker Contra Records
Julian Leal Sail Away Julian Leal Hozac Records
Albatross Tobacco Road Glamstains Vol. 4: Toughen Up Glamstains
Furies Get Out Of Denver Furies Contra Records
Vodka Collins Automatic Pilot Glamstains Vol. 4: Toughen Up Glamstains
Buster Beautiful Child Glam Sandwich And Electro Flares
Bubbles Zap ‘N’ Cat Glam Sandwich And Electro Flares
Coloured Balls Mama Loves To The First Supper Last Or Scenes We Didn’t Get To See Just Add Water
Television Double Exposure The Demos 1974-75 Arkain Filloux
Talking Heads Warning Sign The 1975 CBS Demo Session
Johnny Thunders Countdown Love Que Sera, Sera (Resurrected) Jungle Records
Captains Of Industry Julie A Roomful Of Monkeys try ‎– A Roomful Of Monkeys Label:
Viv Albertine I Want More The Vermilion Border Cadiz Music
Vic Godard Opus 18 Mums‘ Revenge Gnu Inc. Recordings


Bruhahá Babélico, The Soul Grenades, Ferdi, Elaine Kibaro, Cass., Megadon Betamax, Bartosz Kruczyński & Poly Chain, Kito Jempere, Chris Spheeris ~ Paul Voudouris, Elizio De Buzios, Kay Zee, Lexx Feat. Woolfy, Akis, Tom Bolas, MATstudio, McNeal & Niles, Eddie C, Xen & Yovav, The Gagosians, Sonny Okosuns, Plazmot, Yu Su, Cherrystones, Luis Paniagua, Eirwud, Mudwasser, Jonny Nash, Blue Gas

June 4, 2019

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Part One
Artist Song Release Label
Bruhahá Babélico Bruhahá II Outro Tempo: Single Promocional Music From Memory
The Soul Grenades Get Lucky A Blast Of Funk! Mukatsuku Records
Ferdi Fading Away All One Claremont 56
Elaine Kibaro Fajrann Fajrann Emotional Rescue
Cass. Leaving Postclub Prism Into The Light Records
Megadon Betamax He Can’t Love You He Can’t Love You Tugboat Editions
Bartosz Kruczyński & Poly Chain Echolalia Pulses Into The Light Records
Kito Jempere FKA Lany DB7 003 Duca Bianco
Part Two
Chris Spheeris ~ Paul Voudouris Passage Passage Emotional Rescue
Elizio De Buzios Tamanqueiro (Selvagem Edit) Le Freak Hello Sailor Recordings
Kay Zee Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework) Barny Phantom Island
Lexx Feat. Woolfy Too Hot (Version) Too Hot Phantom Island
Akis Into The Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) Akis Remixed Into The Light Records
Tom Bolas Kangham Funk DB7 002 Duca Bianco
MATstudio In Strange Company He Spoke Softly MATstudio 1 Melody As Truth
McNeal & Niles Punk Funk Summertime Galaxy Sound Co.
Part Three
Eddie C Atlantic Jam Atlantic Jam Red Motorbike
Xen & Yovav Shavit Etmol Hayom Malka Tuti
The Gagosians Run For My Honey (Lexx & Kejeblos Remix) Run For My Honey Phantom Island
Sonny Okosuns My Ancestors Tom Noble & Renata – Edits Hello Sailor Recordings
Plazmot Orot Levanim Allenby Malka Tuti
Yu Su Words Without Sound Roll With The Punches Second Circle
Cherrystones Blood, Campari & Sand DB7 001 Duca Bianco
Luis Paniagua Aqui Y Ahora Neptuno Emotional Rescue
Eirwud Mudwasser Treewalkers Cradle Song Snaker 010 Snaker
Jonny Nash Trees Bearing Fruit Make A Wilderness Music From Memory
Blue Gas Shadows From Nowhere Shadows From Nowhere Archeo Recordings


Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3, S&C, Electra, Thomas Leer, Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives, Hawkwind, O Yuki Conjugate, Crepuscule, Takenoko, Pedro Vian, Curt Cress, Beard In Dust, Bison, Dunkeltier, Roxy Music, Kincaid Ft. Blancmange, DJ Spinna

May 14, 2019

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Part One
Artist Song Release Label
Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 Fascinating (Al-Tone Edit) Fascinating Al-Tone Edits
S&C Drug Of A Nation DB12 001 Duca Bianco
Electra Are You Automatic (Franz Scala Edit) MM Discos 06 MM Discos
Thomas Leer Saving Grace (Bullion Redux) Saving, Drum Emotional Rescue
Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives In a Small Place In a Small Place Claremont 56
Hawkwind The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon (Cherrystones Rework) Rangoon, Langoons Emotional Rescue
O Yuki Conjugate Insect-Talk (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) Insect-Talk Utter
Crepuscule Mythology Of The Stars Cuneiform For Pumapunku Light Sounds Dark
Crepuscule The Caregiver (Careless Mix) Cuneiform For Pumapunku Light Sounds Dark
Part Two
Takenoko Trans Amor Express (Sneaker “Traaans” Mix) Sneaker Mixes Emotional Rescue
Pedro Vian Colours of Infinity Le Mythe De Sisyphe MM Discos
Curt Cress Dschung Tek (Long Version) Dschung Tek Music From Memory
Beard In Dust At the Dawn Disco Hamam – 5 Disco Hamam
Bison Salmon Spungcake (Zip It Shrimpy Mix By Conrad McDonnell) Salmon Spungcake Claremont 56
Dunkeltier Arcade BAH049 Bahnsteig 23
Roxy Music Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Dub) Remixed Virgin EMI Records
Kincaid Ft. Blancmange Big Fat Head (Club Mix) Big Fat Head Disco Halal
DJ Spinna Crime (A DJ Spinna Re-Freak) Adu-Redu All Right Fresh


Lowercase, Luca Brasi, Maximillian Colby, Merel, Mexican Power Authority, Mickey Finn, Moxa, The Mukilteo Fairies, Native Nod, Nausea, Purple Circle Seven, Regraped, Rites Of Spring, Shellac, Shroomunion, 16, Slughog, Spore, Still Life, The Suzybeat, Teen Angels, Thumbnail, Tina Age 13, Toadstool, Undøne, Universal Order Of Armageddon, Unseen, Unwound

April 23, 2019

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Part One
Artist Song Release Label
Lowercase Surefire Solvent Two Songs Punk In My Vitamins
Luca Brasi Creeper Creeper Reproductive Records
Maximillian Colby I.T.T. Maximillian Colby Nervous Wreck Kids
Merel The Guest Iconoclast / Merel Old Glory Records
Mexican Power Authority Angry Sock Puppet Strang From Endville Scratch Records
Mickey Finn Forehead Impact Driver Big Money Inc.
Moxa What’s White Love / Destruction Dave/Amendment
The Mukilteo Fairies I Had A Relationship In My Head Closet Check Outpunk Records
Native Nod Back To Mimsey Bread Gern Blandsten
Nausea Cybergod Cybergod Allied Recordings
Purple Circle Seven Say Blue Say Blue Puffdoob Records
Regraped Puke It Up On Newton’s Puke It Up On Newton’s King Cobra Records ‎
Part Two
Rites Of Spring Hidden Wheel All Through A Life Dischord Records
Shellac Doris Uranus Touch And Go
Shroomunion Supergiant #1 Fairytales And Dreams Repercussion
Sidekick Kato Excel Des Plaines Dyslexic Records
Sinker Thoughts On Beauty Thoughts On Beauty Sunney Sindicut Records
16 Bloody Knuckles Felicia Bacteria Sour
Slughog Fossil Mannix Super 8 Records
Spore Number One Number One Cinder Block Records
Still Life Sometimes Still Life Rhetoric Records
The Suzybeat 75 Cherry Bomb 75 Cherry Bomb Rockford Records
Teen Angels Jesus Is On My Side Jesus Is On My Side Scooch Pooch
Thumbnail Parallels The Sound Of File 13 Records
Tina, Age 13 Butterfly Butterfly / Pile Insignificant
Toadstool Nothing But Teeth Jelly Belly Twin/Tone Records
Undøne Under Their Flag Undøne Stonehenge Records
Universal Order Of Armageddon Fence Song City Vermin Scum Records
Unseen Youth Hole Youth Hole Slampt ‎
Unwound MK Ultra MK Ultra / Totality Kill Rock Stars


Action Patrol, Amber Inn, Angel Hair, Assfactor 4, Aviso’Hara, Bakamono, Brujeria, Christopher Robin, Circle, The Crownhate Ruin, Dirty Bird, E. Coli, Festering Rinyanyons, Flemgods, Frances Gumm, Freemartin, Fresh American Lamb, Grout, Harriet The Spy, Harvey Milk, Headless Heyday, Heroin, Hippopotamus, Indian Summer, Jermflux, Joeyfat, Jones Very, Karp, KG, Kings Of Feedback

April 16, 2019

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Part One
Artist Song Release Label
Action Patrol Tube Up And Running Buddy System Records
Amber Inn Martyr Complex Amber Inn Sunney Sindicut Records
Angel Hair New Rocket Angel Hair Gravity
Assfactor 4 Sometimes I Suck Sometimes I Suck . Repercussion
Aviso’Hara Me-n-Danai Me-n-Danai Alien Records
Bakamono Kansas Kansas Karate Brand Records
Brujeria El Patron El Patron Alternative Tentacles
Christopher Robin One Million And One Watts Christopher Robin – EP Repercussion
Circle Armond Crawatt VHF Records
The Crownhate Ruin My Country Getaway The Crownhate Ruin – A Primer T. C. Ruin
Dirty Bird Ideology & Power Dirty Bird EP Tamper Records
E. Coli Monsters Another Time Big Jesus Enterprises
Festering Rinyanyons Steve Johnson Society Peaceful Easy Feelin! Bovine Records
Part Two
Flemgods Jeff’s Problem Bison Carcass Earstrike Planet Records
Frances Gumm Damaged Attributed Vertical Bob Trixie
Freemartin Stifle Dear Consumer Not On Label (Freemartin Self-released)
Fresh American Lamb Vice Grip Saddle Up Young Teenagers! Volvolo Records
Grout Fetal Fix Grout Uprising Records
Harriet The Spy $10,000 Circle A Indicator Donut Friends
Harvey Milk Easy Thing I Do Not Know How To Live My Life Half Baked Records
Headless Heyday Overcoat Nothing Up There Always Tantrum Records
Heroin Undertaking All About Heroin Vinyl Communications
Hippopotamus Attn:Span Attn:Span Compared To What?
Iconoclast Old New Song Iconoclast / Merel Old Glory Records
Indian Summer Aren’t You Angel? Indian Summer Repercussion
Jermflux Opus 15 Troll 227 Records
Joeyfat Little Big Man Little Big Man Love Train
Jones Very Ideas New Tomorrow Straight Time Bitzcore
Karp Plumbing Game Freighty Cat Atlas
KG Stuka 987 Orgasm
Kings Of Feedback Locust Kings Of Feedback / High Defiance Extra Terrestrial Records


Ted & Ray, Telephone Man, The Tell-Tale Hearts, Terminal Fun, Testors, Tetsuo, Thatcher On Acid, Third World War, Johnny Thunders, 3 Dream Bag, Tidal Wave, Tiger Lily, Times New Viking, Timmy’s Organism, Harry Toledo & The Rockets, Travel Agency, True West, TV2, Twiggy, Ultra Satan, Velveteen Rabbit, Mats Wawa, Wet Dreams, Trevor White, Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright, x_x, Chrissy Zebby Tembo & The Ngozi Family Band, Your Funeral, Zelators

April 9, 2019

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Part One
Song Artist Release Label
123 Ted & Ray Songs For The Road Static Caravan
Castner Telephone Man Castner Slamdek Records
Cry The Tell-Tale Hearts 517 Fourth Avenue Munster Records
Twist And Survive Terminal Fun Great Moments Projected Image
It’s Only Death Testors Two Sides Of Death Windian
Test Tube Baby Tetsuo Tetsuo Man With Gun
Bully That Chemical Plant Video Vic! Interfear Recordings
Yo-Yo Man Thatcher On Acid Yo-Yo Man K
Working Class Man Third World War A Little Bit Of Urban Rock Just Add Water
King Of The Gypsies Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood Easy Action
Perfect Friday 3 Dream Bag A Frenzy In Frownland Gas, Daddy, Go! Records
I Can’t Play at the Middle East Tidal Wave I Can’t Play at the Middle East Not On Label
Part Two
Monkey Jive Tiger Lily Monkey Jive Dead Good Records
Rocks In My Heart Times New Viking Axemen / Times New Viking Tour Split Sleek Bott
Revolution Eyes Timmy’s Organism Revolution Eyes Detroit Magnetic Tape Co.
Busted Chevrolet Harry Toledo & The Rockets Busted Chevrolet Spy Records Ltd.
Jailbait Travel Agency Jailbait Break-A-Way Records
1969 True West Shot You Down Zippo Records
This Is Zero TV21 Ambition Powbeat
When I Think Of You Twiggy Beautiful Dreams EP Munster Records
USB Ultra Satan USA Höga Nord Rekords
I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy Unknown Artist I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy Munster Records
Mind-Numbing Entertainment Velveteen Rabbit Mind-Numbing Entertainment HoZac Records
Easy On The Eye Mats Wawa Scuzz Black Pop Records
I Can Fly Wet Dreams Cartridge Belt Black Pop Records
Fall In Love Tonight Trevor White Understood Just Add Water
Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns x_x No Nonsense Drome ‎
I Want To Be You Your Funeral I Want To Be You Eventually It Will Kill You
The Walk Zelators One Way Lover Munster Records


Politrio, Pink Slip Daddy, Nic Potter / Guy Evans, Pure Hell, Question Mark And The Mysterians, The Raincoats, The Rockets, The Rocking Vickers, The Room, Rubber City Rebels, Saint Etienne, La Sala Del Silencio, The Scabs, Fred Schneider & The Superions, Alan Lee Shaw, The Shifters, Sick Thoughts, Skooshny, The Sloths, So What, So You Think You’re A Cowboy, Starcrawler, The Stroppies, The Styrenes, Mark Sultan, Mike Stuart Span, Suspects, Swirlies, The Syndicats, The Tea Set

April 2, 2019

Part One
Song Artist Release Label
Psycho Killer Politrio Psycho Killer Emotional Rescue
Wild Party Pink Slip Daddy Viva Fabian! A Tribute To The Fab One Munster Records
Dolphins Nic Potter / Guy Evans Dolphins Butt
These Boots Are Made For Walking Pure Hell These Boots Are Made For Walking Radiation Reissues
Funky Lady Question Mark And The Mysterians The Luv Tracks Night Train International
In Love The Raincoats Fairytale In The Supermarket We Three
Steppin’ Outa Line The Rockets Even Money Munster Records
I Don’t Need Your Kind The Rocking Vickers Dandy Munster Records
Motion The Room Motion Box Records
Rubber City Rebels Rubber City Rebels From Akron Clone Records
Camel Coat Saint Etienne Camel Coat Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Amanecer La Sala Del Silencio La Sala Del Silencio Munster Records
Don’t Just Sit There The Scabs The Scabs EP Clubland Records
Part Two
Head On A Leg Fred Schneider & The Superions Head On A Leg Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
She Moans Alan Lee Shaw She Moans Last Year’s Youth Records ‎
Melbourne & Monash Youth League The Shifters Just Sat Down Digital Regress
Human Garbage Disposal Sick Thoughts Goner Fest 11 Goner Records
Ceiling To The Lies Skooshny It Hides More Than It Tells Alien Records
You Mean Everything To Me The Sloths Makin’ Love Sundazed Music
Creeper Joe So What What You Do To Me Grazer Records
Don’t Need You So You Think You’re A Cowboy Don’t Need You Cheatin’ Heart Records
Hollywood Ending Starcrawler Hollywood Ending Rough Trade
Production Lines The Stroppies It’s A Hit! Hobbies Galore
Penthouse Legend The Styrenes CLE 76-79 Unreleased My Mind’s Eye Records
Believe Me Mark Sultan Ophelia Chompazoid
Concerto Of Thoughts Mike Stuart Span Children Of Tomorrow Munster Records
Talking Loud Suspects It’s Up To You Not On Label
Jeremy Parker (Radio Session) Swirlies Orca Vs. Dragon Sneaky Flute Empire
On The Horizon The Syndicats On The Horizon Munster Records
South Pacific The Tea Set South Pacific Demon Records


The Japanese Girl, John’s Children, Marc Jonson & Compañía de Sueños Ilimitada, Los Junior’s, Kynnet, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Lemonheads, Nick Lowe, Mama, Jayne Mansfield Featuring Jimi Hendrix, MC5, The Mekons,The Mickey Finn, Mood Six, Nick Nicely, Nico, The Nightingales With Vic Godard, No Trend, DJ Spinna / Nurt, ‘O’ Level, O’Seis, Paper Squares, Parquet Courts, Passage, The Passengers, Pastiche, The Penetrators, Los Pepes, Pere Ubu, Permanent Clear Light

March 26, 2019

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Part One
Song Artist Release Label
Telephone Operator The Japanese Girl You Should Have Switches Munster Records
Midsummer Night’s Scene (alternate mix) John’s Children Desdemona Munster Records
My Girlfriend (Doesn’t Like The Ramones) Marc Jonson & Compañía de Sueños Ilimitada My Girlfriend (Doesn’t Like The Ramones) Munster Records
Te Fuiste Los Junior’s Split Munster Records
Maa Kynnet Alaovi Black Pop Records
Down In The Wrecking Yard The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Paralyzed Munster Records
Brass Buttons The Lemonheads Gram Parsons / The Lemonheads Rhino Records
Travellin’ Light Nick Lowe Tokyo Bay Yep Roc Records
Some Weird Sin Mama Eye In The Sky Got Kinda Lost Records
Suey Jayne Mansfield Featuring Jimi Hendrix Suey Sundazed Music
Looking At You MC5 Looking At You Modern Harmonic
Where Were You The Mekons Where Were You Superior Viaduct
Garden Of My Mind The Mickey Finn Garden Of My Mind Munster Records
Hanging Around Mood Six Hanging Around EMI
Part Two
All Along The Watchtower Nick Nicely All Along The Watchtower Fruits de Mer Records
The Last Mile Nico I’m Not Sayin Immediate
Ace Of Hearts The Nightingales With Vic Godard Commercial Suicide Man Tiny Global Productions
Teen Love No Trend Teen Love Digital Regress
Chalk On Asphalt DJ Spinna / Nurt Chalk On Asphalt Sound by Sound
East Sheen ‘O’ Level East Sheen Munster Records
Apocalipse O’Seis Suicida Mr Bongo
Cockroach Paper Squares Let’s Hang Out Fiasco Records
Seems Kind of Silly Parquet Courts Mardi Gras Beads Rough Trade
The Competition Passage New Love Songs Object Music
Danger Zone The Passengers Queen Of Weird Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Lock It Up Pastiche Lock It Up Modern Method Records
Shopping Bag The Penetrators Shopping Bag Windian
Por Favor Los Pepes Por Favor Munster Records
Cloud 149 Pere Ubu Final Solution Fire Records
One In Five Permanent Clear Light Maurice N’est Pas La Fruits de Mer Records


The Deviants, Dislocation Dance, Disturbed Furniture, Driver UFO, East Village, Jack Ellister, Essential Bop, Eye Q, The Feelies, 15 Minutes, Flesh Eaters, Buck Biloxi And The F*cks, F.U.K., Further, The Gagosians, The Gears, Green Seagull, Gruppenbild, Giuda, Grup Bunalım, The Hangmen, Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins, Helter Skelter, Jimi Hendrix, The Heroes, Robyn Hitchcock, The Hollywood Squares, The In Crowd, Bert Jansch

March 19, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Release Label
Let’s Loot The Supermarket The Deviants You’ve Got To Hold On Munster Records
You’ll Never Never Know Dislocation Dance You’ll Never Never Know New Hormones
Alors Allez Disturbed Furniture Information Disturbed Records
Chandra Driver UFO Cuisinart Proteen Records
Strawberry Window East Village Cubans In The Bluefields Optic Nerve Recordings
Reminder Jack Ellister Static Fruit Static Caravan
Butler (In Running Shorts) Essential Bop Croaked Monopause Records
I’m Not Selfish Eye Q Stars Of Liberty / Eye Q Now-Again Records
The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness The Feelies The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness The Numero Group
Last Chance For You 15 Minutes That’s What You Always Say Down There Records
Twisted Road Flesh Eaters Disintegration Nation Upsetter Records
Digging Through Trash Buck Biloxi And The Fucks Obama Is A Cyborg Red Lounge Records
I Got A Head F.U.K. Road Kill HoZac Records
Going To Glendora Further In A Lonely Place Four Letter Words
Part Two
Run For My Honey The Gagosians Run For My Honey Phantom Island
Let’s Go To The Beach The Gears Let’s Go To The Beach Munster Records
First Snow Of Winter Green Seagull First Snow Of Winter Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club
Tranquillity Gruppenbild Tranquillity Tidal Waves Music
Number 10 Giuda Number 10 Got Kinda Lost Records
Taş Var Köpek Yok Grup Bunalım Yeter Artık Kadın Arsivplak
What A Girl Can’t Do The Hangmen What A Girl Can’t Do Windian
Scandinavian Wastes Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins All Sorts Of Heroes Finders Keepers Records
I Live In Style In Maida Vale Helter Skelter I Need You Just Add Water
Mannish Boy Jimi Hendrix Mannish Boy Legacy
Seven Days Week End The Heroes Seven Days Week End Skydog International ‎
If You Were A Priest Robyn Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock & His LA Squires Yep Roc Records
Hollywood Square The Hollywood Squares Hillside Strangler! Square Records
Things She Says The In Crowd That’s How Strong My Love Is Munster Records
The Black Swan Bert Jansch The Black Swan Earth


The Action Suits, Airport Girl, Delai Alamos Con Los King Stay, Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band, Arşivplak, Rick Ashtray, Chester Atkins And The All-Star Hillbillies, Lester Bangs, Chris Bell, The Beltones, [Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay], Bethnal, Beverley, Bizarros, The Blue Stars, Marc Bolan, Boots For Dancing, The Byrds, Caddywhompus, The Chatham Forts, The Chemistry Set, The Chesterfield Kings, The Commercials, Company Of State, The Conspiracy, Wild Billy Childish & CTMF, Dangerous Birds, Dangerous Rhythm, The Spencer Davis Group, The Detroit Cobras

March 12, 2019

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Part One
Song Artist Release Label
Cancer Father The Action Suits Cancer Father Man’s Ruin Records
Salinger Wrote Airport Girl Salinger Wrote Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Ritmo Del GoGo Delai Alamos Con Los King Stay Ritmo Del GoGo Munster Records
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ MCA Records
Şeker Oğlan Arşivplak Şeker Oğlan EP Arsivplak
On Top Rick Ashtray Inc. Black Pop Records
Guitar Blues (Pickin’ The Blues) Chester Atkins And The All-Star Hillbillies Guitar Blues (Pickin’ The Blues) Modern Harmonic
Live Lester Bangs Let It Blurt Spy Records Ltd.
You And Your Sister Chris Bell I Am The Cosmos Omnivore Recordings
My Old Man The Beltones My Old Man Just Add Water
Ice Exposure Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay Why Blackest Ever Black
We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place Bethnal We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place Vertigo
Picking Up The Sunshine Beverley Picking Up The Sunshine Fly Records
White Screen Movie Bizarros From Akron Clone Records
Part Two
Social End Product The Blue Stars Social End Product Munster Records
Broken Hearted Blues [demo] Marc Bolan The Street And Babe Shadow Easy Action
Money (Is Thin On The Ground) Boots For Dancing Ooh Bop Sh’Bam Repop-x
Boston The Byrds You Movin’ Sundazed Music
This Is Where We Blaze The Nuggz / Fun Times At Whiskey Bay Caddywhompus Live At Third Man Records Third Man Records
Not Fade Away The Chatham Forts Not Fade Away Damaged Goods
Sail Away The Chemistry Set Firefly Fruits de Mer Records
I Think I’m Down The Chesterfield Kings I Think I’m Down Mean Disposition
The Heroine Dies The Commercials 16 Again And Again Commercial Records
Dark Company Of State Company Of State Tidal Waves Music
Dream World The Conspiracy Dream World Munster Records
Walking On The Water Wild Billy Childish & CTMF Something’s Missing Inside Damaged Goods
Smile On Your Face Dangerous Birds Alpha Romeo Propeller Product
Stray Cat Blues Dangerous Rhythm Stray Cat Blues Munster Records
Rambling Rose The Spencer Davis Group Rambling Rose Rhythm & Blues Records
What More The Detroit Cobras What More Third Man Records