February 13, 2018

Part 1 of a new Gulls Window Circus series: 7″ played alphabetically. This week starts with the letter ‘A’, running from The Adverts through Angel Corpus Christi. Show #320 will continue where we leave off today.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

The shows in this series:

  1. #319
  2. #320
  3. #321
  4. #323
  5. #324
  6. #325
  7. #326
  8. #327
  9. #337
  10. #338
  11. #357
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Safety In Numbers The Adverts Safety In Numbers 1977 Anchor
New Day Dawning The Adverts No Time To Be 21 1978 Bright Records
Nothing Means Nothing Anymore Alley Cats Nothing Means Nothing Anymore 1978 Dangerhouse
Snuffin’ Like That Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Snuff Rock 1977 Stiff
Diet Au Pairs It’s Obvious 1980 021 Records
Watch Her Now Automatics 1978 Island Records
Neutron Bomb The Art Attacks I Am A Dalek 1978 Albatross Records
The Look Of Love ABC The Look Of Love 1982 Neutron Records
The Thin Boys A Certain Ratio All Night Party 1979 Factory
Too Late At Twenty The Act Too Late At Twenty 1981 Hannibal
Tube Action Patrol Up And Running 1994 Buddy System Records
Fun Flies The Action Suits Fun Flies 1996 Cherry Smash Records
4-Track Mind The Action Suits 4-Track Mind 1996 Fluffer
Don’t Sell Your Soul The Action Time Don’t Sell Your Soul 1999 The Action Time
Waves On Adventures In Stereo 4 Song EP 1997 Bobsled
Nobody’s Scared Adventures In Stereo 4 Song EP 1997 Bobsled
Everlasting Yeah! The Age Of Chance Motor City 1985 Riot Bible
Elegants Who Fly Airbomb Repeater Dubious Rebel EP 1994 Mobstar

Song Artist Disk Year Label
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Call Me Every Night Jane Aire And The Belvederes Call Me Every Night 1979 Virgin
The Kids Just Want Cool Sounds Airport Girl Power Yr Trip 2000 Waiwya
Sure And Simple Time Alfie Sure And Simple Time 1999 Twisted Nerve
She Speaks Alkaline Soon 1994 Remora
Promised Land Johnnie Allan Promised Land 1983 Stiff
BU Baby Radio Hearts Ball Cherry 1980 Greenline Records
Seven Aloha Wednesday Sing songs of Freedom and Inspiration 1996 Win Records
Dead Pop Stars Altered Images Greatest Original Hits – 4 Track E.P. 1982 CBS
Martyr Complex Amber Inn Life Instantaneous 1995 Sunney Sindicut Records
Speed for Gavin A Minor Forest Co-ed, as hell 1994 Karate
Beyond Amp Beyond 1996 Wurlitzer Jukebox
Postcards The Ampersands Postcards 1993 Harriet Records
Cats Are Neat A.M.Q.A. Cats Are Neat 1986 Subcore Records
Pull Girl Angel Corpus Christi Lil Surfer Girl The Next Big Thing

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