November 2, 2021

Today November 2 5-7pm ET on www.wzbc.org or anytime on www.gullswindowcircus.com – Part 20 in the 7″ played alphabetically series on Gulls Window Circus finds us starting with the elusive East Village and running through the absolute institution The Ex. As usual, plenty of bands that only released one 7″ in their career, though selection cares not for that, it only favors the best tracks. E. Coli has been a fave of mine for a long time, but I only recently discovered that the three 7″s they released all have different versions than the tracks on their lone LP. The Ecstatics is the Long Island band that introduced the world to Spike (D.R.I) and John Ceparano (Stargazer Lillies). I love the track by Eighth Route Army, had forgotten how jazzy and different The Elevators were, continue to draw blanks when attempting to discover information about the band Emma, delight in hearing my college friend Jim Fletcher in Erratic Sculpture, love the Essential Bop track and like both covers in this show (The Elevator Drops and Even As We Speak do Buggles and New Order respectively)


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Artist Song Release Label
East Village Black Autumn Black Autumn Excellent. Records
Eater You Outside View Munster Records
Echoboy 57-59 (Bite The Bullet) Pure New Wool EP For Us Records
E. Coli Then Arrives 0157H7 Triple X Records
The Ecstatics Body Shake The Sound Of Breaking Glass Music Systems International Records
The Edge Newport Gestapo Death To A.O.R. Smear Records
18th Dye Dive Dive ché
Eighth Route Army Outside My Window Outside My Window 1 Dimensional Records
The Electric Prunes World Of Darkness I’ve Got A Way Of My Own Sundazed Music
Electric Sound Of Joy Total Turn Total Turn Earworm
Elektra Meid Kaasa Muusika Viib Keegi Frotee
The Elevator Drops Video Killed The Radio Star Twitch Curve Of The Earth –
The Elevators Shave Shave Blow Up Records
El Hombre Trajeado Logo Logo Flotsam & Jetsam

Artist Song Release Label
Ellis Island Sound Data Centre Data Centre Faux-Lux
El Pifco Bananas Meltdown Metallic Rainforest
The Embarrassment Patio Set Sex Drive Last Laugh Records
Emma Silent & Still Blue Girl Compulsiv Music
Emperor Julian Free Product Disco Gene Piao!
Emperor Julian Go Scientist Disco Gene Piao!
England’s Glory Shattered Illusions City Of Fun HoZac Records
EPA Here Comes The Sun Again Evergreens Vol. One MykeDroner
Erratic Sculpture Can You Forget Can You Forget Recordamatt Records
Essential Bop Croaked Croaked Monopause Records
Estees Rocket Longing For You Longing For You Estees
Eve It Don´t Matter To Me The Warrior Munster Records
Even As We Speak Bizarre Love Triangle Blue Suburban Skies Optic Nerve Recordings
Even Worse Leaving Leaving Leaving
Evergreen Pants Off Pants Off Hi-Ball Records
Evergreen Shoulders Evergreen Wrenched Records
The Ex Slimy Toad 6.1 Ex Records

7" played alphabetically

The original series:

  1. #319: Adverts - Angel Corpus Christi
  2. #320: Angry Samoans - Bakamono
  3. #321: Band of Susans - The Bishops
  4. #323: Black Barbie - David Bowie
  5. #324: David Bowie - Butterglove
  6. #325: Cake Like - Chia Pet
  7. #326: Chickita - Common Thread
  8. #327: Comet Gain - Damon & Naomi
  9. #337: Dalek I - Deluxx
  10. #338: Dexys Midnight Runners - Driver UFO
  11. #357: Drinking Woman - Electric Chairs

B-sides of Floor Filler 7″ played alphabetically:

  1. #352: The Action Suits - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
  2. #353: Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Girlfrendo
  3. #354: The Go-Betweens - The Records
  4. #355: Mott The Hoople - The Records
  5. #356: Revelons - The The

Tightly scoped 5-week A-Z:

  1. #367: The Action Suits - The Detroit Cobras
  2. #368: The Deviants - Bert Jansch
  3. #369: Japanese Girl - Permanent Clear Light
  4. #370: Politrio -The Tea Set
  5. #371: Ted & Ray - Zelators

The original series re-visited 3 years later, starting from 'A' once again:

  1. #487: A Certain Ratio - Capri
  2. #489: Cassie - Denim
  3. #490: The Desert Wolves - East River Pipe
  4. #491: East Village - The Ex
  5. #492: Expelaires - Fluffy
  6. #493: Fabric - Furtips
  7. #494: Aaron Frazer - The Girls
  8. #495: Girls With Credit Cards - Grace Budd
  9. #496: Green Seagull - Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
  10. #497: Hanterhir - Heroin

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