Part 3 of the 7″ played alphabetically series continues from show #320 with the letter ‘B’, running from Band of Susans through The Bishops. Show #323 will continue where we leave off today.

February 27, 2018

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The shows in this series:

  1. #319
  2. #320
  3. #321
  4. #323
  5. #324
  6. #325
  7. #326
  8. #327
  9. #337
  10. #338
  11. #357
Song Artist Disk Date Label
Mood Swing Band of Susans Mood Swing 1993 Sing Fat
Don’t Call Us… Bananarama Shy Boy 1982 London
Blues Tune Bardo Pond Dragonfly (Lying On The Floor) 1994 Compulsiv Music
Winter Strait Brand Bare Minimum Night We Streak, Divine Failure 1995 Sub Pop
Terrapin Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond 1993 Capitol
What Have You Put In My Honeytea The Bartlebees Twen Beat 1995 Perfect Pop Records
Don’t Stop The Music Bay City Rollers Don’t Stop The Music 1976 Arista
Departure Bauhaus She’s In Parties 1983 Beggars Banquet
Ramen Pride / Cow Frog Beatless Lil’ Man 1993 Jettison
Life With The Lions Beatnik Filmstars New Boyfriend And Black Suit 1995 Mobstar
Japan Be Bop Deluxe Japan 1977 EMI Harvest
My Surprise Beekeeper Beekeeper 1994 Feldspar

Song Artist Disk Date Label
Green Submarine The Bee Men Green Submarine 1989 Hotel
Angel Sandra Bell Angel 1995 Zabriskie Point
Suicide Girl Belle and Sebastian Last Trip 2010 Matador
April Fool The Belle Stars Sweet Memory 1983 Stiff
Science Berlin Blondes Science 1980 EMI
Lucky 13 Betwixt Lucky 13 1997 C’Mon Records
“B” Side The ‘B’ Girls Fun At The Beach 1979 Bomp
Brake Torque Big Chief Brake Torque 1989 Big Kiss Music
Baffled Island (The Hard Rock Movement) Big Flame Baffled Island (The Hard Rock Movement) 1986 Ron Johnson Records
Me Da Una Rabia! Bimbo Shrineheads Me Da Una Rabia! 1992 Vandal Children Records
Juice The Juice (Or Let Him Loose) Bingo Gazingo & The Eighth Grade Are You A Lover? 1994 Holy Plastic
Let Her Go Birdie Let Her Go 1999 It Records
Teen-C Power Bis The Secret Vampire Soundtrack 1996 Chemikal Underground
See That Women The Bishops I Want Candy 1978 Chiswick

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