February 20, 2018

Part 2 of the 7″ played alphabetically series continues from show #319 with the letter ‘B’, running from Angry Samoans through Bakamono (starting with non-alphabet Rascals track). Show #321 will continue where we leave off today.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

The shows in this series:

  1. #319
  2. #320
  3. #321
  4. #323
  5. #324
  6. #325
  7. #326
  8. #327
  9. #337
  10. #338
  11. #357
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Its Wonderful Rascals The Complete Singles A’s & B’s 2017 Real Gone Music
D For The Dead Angry Samoans D For The Dead 1990 Shakin’ Street
Cleansing Annex Cleansing 1993 Girlfriend Records
From You & Back To You APB Rainy Day 1982 Oily Records
Release Apocalypse Teddy 1982 Jamming! Records
Everybody Let Up The Apples In Stereo Everybody Let Up 2000 Earworm
Outer Appliance Outer 1998 Earworm
Kangaroo Arab on Radar Kangaroo 1996 Heparin
Dimwit / Soft Hollow / Penny Wise Asha Vida Eskimo Summer 1993 Audrey’s Dairy
Serenade Ashes Flood 1993 Network Sound
Smoked Out Assfactor 4 Smoked Out 1994 Old Glory Records
Bruno’s Head Atari Priest Bruno’s Head 1999 Faux-lux
Disco Atomic Fireball Youki 1995 Super 8 Records
Venus Esoteric Augusta Furnace Carlos 1993 Ruling Factor Records
Heaven Austin Texas Conspiracy Theory 1995 Good Witch Records
Thin White Line Avengers Paint It Black 1983 CD Presents

Song Artist Disk Year Label
Pretty Low Guy Aviso’Hara Me-n-Danai 1996 Alien Records
Cool Avocado Baby Voluptuous and Supreme 1994 Paperplane
St. Nowhere Azalia Snail Sebadoh / Azalia Snail 1991 Dark Beloved Cloud
We Could Send Letters Aztec Camera Just Like Gold 1981 Postcard Records
Baba Hula (Boo-La-La) Baba Looey Three Easy Ones 1994 Needlework Records
Snake Caves Baby Bird Snake Caves 1995 Gorgonzola Records
Litmus Baby Harp Seal Baby Harp Seal 1994 Subjugation
Don’t Play That Game Babyshit Brown Babyshit Brown EP 1994 Intestinal Fortitude
Jetlag Baby Tooth Jetlag 1993 Remora
Your Side Of Heaven Back to Zero Your Side Of Heaven 1979 Fiction
Wee Scary Cowboy Bread Badgewearer Criterion Adjournments Secret Cowboy Agenda 1997 Guided Missile
Soul Attitude Badly Drawn Boy Once Around the Block 1999 Twisted Nerve
Kansas Bakamono Kansas 1994 Karate Brand Records

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