November 23, 2021

Part 28 in the 7″ played alphabetically series on Gulls Window Circus. Dots and Bilal & Nikki Jean start us off out of order with a Squeeze cover. Gerty Farish and The Dots do Kraftwerk covers. Fuchsia does a Pink Floyd cover, which is funny, as last week The Dots did one too. A band Gulls Window Circus loves the heck out of (Gilded Lil) have a great track, also luvin the Droogs, Unnatural Axe, Gaunt, Generics, and Gerbils tracks as well as the Girls At Our Best one, which has the harshest cold stop ending I can recall.


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Artist Song Release Label
Bilal & Nikki Jean Black Coffee In Bed Black Coffee In Bed Yep Roc Records
The Dots The Model The Model AAI
Droogs Garden Of My Mind Only Game In Town Plug N Socket
Aaron Frazer Over You Over You Colemine Records
Fuchsia See Emily Play Barrett’s Allsorts Fruits de Mer Records
Future Dads Tree Outside Dorchester Summer Modern Method Records
Füxa Photon Free Your Soul Burnt Hair
Peter Gabriel Lead A Normal Life Games Without Frontiers Mercury
The Gagosians Run For My Honey Run For My Honey Phantom Island
Serge Gainsbourg Melody Nelson Melody Nelson Mode Serie
Alastair Galbraith Stalemate Cluster Raffmond
Galen The Detective The Heroin Bench Bulb Records
Gang Green ‎ Alcohol Skate To Hell Taang! Records
Garlands Just The Verses Just The Verses Not On Label
Gaunt Black Cat Solution Snap! Crackle Punk!
The Gay Intruders It’s Not Today In The Race Munster Records

Artist Song Release Label
The Gears Hard Rock Let’s Go To The Beach Munster Records
Gem Sheep Sheep Carcrashh
Generation X Trying For Kicks (Winstanley Mix) Your Generation (Winstanley Mix) Chrysalis
The Generics The Bitt Cost Cutter Feel It Records
Gentle Tuesday Sense, Sorrow And Telescopes Misgiving Me A Boy Wonder
The Gentle Waves Evensong (French Version) Evensong Jeepster Recordings
The Geraldine Fibbers Birthday Boy Dragon Lady Sympathy For The Record Industry
The Gerbils Is She Fiona Glue Hidden Agenda Records
Gerry And The Holograms Increased Resistance Meet The Dissidents Absurd Records
Gerty Farish We Are Robot Deadly Attackers Menlo Park Recordings
Gilded Lil When I Was Young When I Was Young Guided Missile
Matt Gimmick Ya Don’t Want My Name Detroit Renaissance ’79 HoZac Records
Giorgio Murderer Lazer Lord Lazer Lord Goner Records
Girlboy Girl Always Right A 4-track E.p. Orgasm
Girlfrendo Girlfrendo Anthem Shout It Out Loud And Clear Girlfrendo Gives You That Fab Gear Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Girls At Our Best Getting Nowhere Fast Getting Nowhere Fast Optic Nerve Recordings
The Girls Jeffrey I Hear You Jeffrey I Hear You Hearthan

7" played alphabetically

The original series:

  1. #319: Adverts - Angel Corpus Christi
  2. #320: Angry Samoans - Bakamono
  3. #321: Band of Susans - The Bishops
  4. #323: Black Barbie - David Bowie
  5. #324: David Bowie - Butterglove
  6. #325: Cake Like - Chia Pet
  7. #326: Chickita - Common Thread
  8. #327: Comet Gain - Damon & Naomi
  9. #337: Dalek I - Deluxx
  10. #338: Dexys Midnight Runners - Driver UFO
  11. #357: Drinking Woman - Electric Chairs

B-sides of Floor Filler 7″ played alphabetically:

  1. #352: The Action Suits - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
  2. #353: Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Girlfrendo
  3. #354: The Go-Betweens - The Records
  4. #355: Mott The Hoople - The Records
  5. #356: Revelons - The The

Tightly scoped 5-week A-Z:

  1. #367: The Action Suits - The Detroit Cobras
  2. #368: The Deviants - Bert Jansch
  3. #369: Japanese Girl - Permanent Clear Light
  4. #370: Politrio -The Tea Set
  5. #371: Ted & Ray - Zelators

The original series re-visited 3 years later, starting from 'A' once again:

  1. #487: A Certain Ratio - Capri
  2. #489: Cassie - Denim
  3. #490: The Desert Wolves - East River Pipe
  4. #491: East Village - The Ex
  5. #492: Expelaires - Fluffy
  6. #493: Fabric - Furtips
  7. #494: Aaron Frazer - The Girls
  8. #495: Girls With Credit Cards - Grace Budd
  9. #496: Green Seagull - Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
  10. #497: Hanterhir - Heroin

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