April 17, 2018

Part 7 of the 7ā€³ played alphabetically series continues from show #325 with the letter ā€˜Cā€™, running from Chickita through Common Thread. Show #327 will continue where we leave off today.

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The shows in this series:

  1. #319
  2. #320
  3. #321
  4. #323
  5. #324
  6. #325
  7. #326
  8. #327
  9. #337
  10. #338
  11. #357
Song Release Date Label
The Low Song Chickita – Eat When Soft To The Touch 1995 100% Breakfast!
Mind Your Own Business Chicks On Speed – Mind Your Own Business 1999 Go Records
I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind Wild Billy Childish CTMF – I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind 2017 Damaged Goods
Your Time Is Through Children’s Crusade – Scorpio Moon 1990 Scat Records
Scream Down At Me China Crisis – Scream Down At Me 1982 Virgin
Now It’s Gone The Chords – Things We Said 1980 Polydor
Eat Your Heart Out Chords – Eat Your Heart Out 1993 Fuel Records
One Million And One Watts Christopher Robin – Christopher Robin 1994 Repercussion
Beef Jerky Cibo Matto – Know Your Chicken 1995 El Diablo Records
I Used To Be Your Loneliness Cinnamon – In The Next Life 1999 Firestation Tower Records
Polka Circle – Crawatt 1993 VHF Records
The Call Up The Clash – The Call Up 1980 CBS
Fell From The Sun Clay Allison – Fell From The Sun 1984 Serpent Records

Song Release Date Label
I Hang On Every Word You Say Clearlake – Don’t Let The Cold In 2000 Dusty Company
Song For Bob Crane Clem Snide – Song For Bob Crane EP 1995 Cardboard Records
What Goes Up The Clientele – What Goes Up, Five Day Morning 1998 Pointy
Cement Mixer Clinic – Cement Mixer 1998 Aladdins Cave Of Golf
Try It Cobra Killers – Six Secs 1999 DHR
Phantom Limb Cockpit! – Hair Of The Dog 1994 K
Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops Cocteau Twins – Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops 1984 4AD
Surface Coldwatercrane – Surface 1994 Goldenrod Records
Time To Grow Coloring Book – Sand In My Shoes 1994 Queenie
Blue Light Combustible Edison – Blue Light 1993 Domino
In/out Come – In/out 1994 Matador
Kitchen In The Clouds Come On – Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor 1978 Come On
Destroying Red Lights Common Thread – Destroying Red Lights 1994 Decoder Ring Records

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